Apple TV getting PS4 and Xbox One gamepad support

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Apple has confirmed that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controller support is coming to Apple TV as part of the new tvOS update.

The news was revealed during WWDC 2019 and means both Sony PlayStation 4's DualShock 4 controller and Microsoft's Xbox One controllers will be compatible with Apple TV. 

Therefore it's likely that this support will also extend to Apple Arcade - Apple's new mobile and Mac gaming subscription service that brings the best of the App Store to gamers for a monthly fee.

Tim Cook introduced controller support saying, "Apple Arcade is also going to look amazing on the Apple TV 4K this Fall".

How will this benefit Apple Arcade?

Image credit: Apple

Image credit: Apple

Allowing users to connect to Apple TV means it's likely we will see native controller support for Apple Arcade. But why would that be beneficial?

Well, being able to use PS4 and Xbox One controllers with Apple Arcade would give players more control over their gaming experience and would mean you don't need to purchase a new controller for the service.

This gives Arcade the advantage over one of its competitors, Google Stadia, which comes with its own separate controller, particularly as players would simply be able to connect any previously owned PS4 or Xbox One controller to Apple TV and (probably by extension the Apple Arcade service).

Apple Arcade support for PS4 and Xbox One controllers would also mean users can play Apple Arcade games without the fiddliness that typically comes with mobile gaming. Simply connect your controller and away you go – providing that support extends to mobile devices in time, we hope.

Could controller support extend to Mac?

PS4 controller (Image credit: Sony)

PS4 controller (Image credit: Sony)

Apple introducing controller support for Apple TV not only means it could be extended to Apple Arcade but also that the feature may become native for Mac. This means Mac users would finally be able to use PS4 and Xbox One controllers on Mac, making for a much smoother gaming experience.

We expect controller support will be made native across all Apple devices in time. However Apple has not confirmed when, or if, this will occur. 

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