Another Microsoft mess as Windows 10 November 2019 Update breaks File Explorer

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When Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 November 2019 Update was going to be a rather minor release with only a few changes, many of us hoped that this would mean that its launch would be relatively problem free – but that unfortunately doesn’t seem to be the case, with users complaining that the new update is breaking File Explorer.

File Explorer is the app you use to browse the files and folders on your PC. So pretty important, then. 

The biggest change the Windows 10 November 2019 Update brought was to update how you search File Explorer, giving you suggested files, and searching your online OneDrive account, when you use the search box to look for something.

However, many people are complaining that this does not work, and instead makes the File Explorer search box unresponsive.

Yet another Windows update problem

As Windows Latest reports, people have been posting on Microsoft’s community forum complaining about how when they click on the search box in File Explorer, they have to wait ages for the box to become responsive and a cursor appear.

This seems to be a bug that several people are experiencing, but so far Microsoft has not acknowledged the issue. Hopefully it will, and provides a fix, soon.

This is yet another Windows 10 update that has included some annoying issues, and continues a pretty embarrassing run for Microsoft, were each new Windows 10 update the company releases appears to break more things than they fix.

We even suggested that if this continues, Microsoft’s reputation could be severely damaged. While the File Explorer search issue isn’t the most severe bug we’ve seen, it’s yet another example of Microsoft releasing a buggy update.

Matt Hanson
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