Amazon might soon have its own town

He's got an Amazon Kindle, an Amazon Fire Stick and an Amazon Echo or two, so what do you get billionaire Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, the man who has everything?

How about his own town?

That's the stunt being pulled by Stonecrest, Georgia, a town on the edge of Atlanta. It's offering to rename 345 acres of land "Amazon" in an attempt to woo Bezos and his company, effectively giving Amazon its very own mini-city.

Amazon Land

The Stonecrest officials are hoping that the offer will be enough to encourage Amazon to build its new 8-million sqaure-foot "HQ2" headquarters in the area. 

The company has been on the lookout for a plot of land but it has exacting specifications – the local area needs to have a million people, lots of empty space, access to airports and generous tax breaks. A little creativity in the business bid was called for too, hence the name change.

As for what Stonecrest would get out of a successful bid – it'd see the benefits of 50,000 new jobs brought to the area, as well as the boost to local businesses that such an influx of big-business would bring.

“I believe we have a good shot at drawing that type of platform,” said the city's mayor Jason Lary.

“There are several major U.S. cities that want Amazon, but none has the branding opportunity we are now offering this visionary company.”

The deadline for submissions is October 19, 2017. From a PR perspective at the very least, Stonecrest probably has a pretty good chance.

Gerald Lynch

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