Amazfit Stratos tracks lots of sports for less than your average smartwatch

Amazfit has just announced the Stratos, the company's latest attempt at making a smartwatch that can track all of the sports you like to do on a regular basis.

After the Amazfit Cor and Bip from the company earlier this year, which each offer fitness tracking on a budget, this is the most high-end device from the company and demands a price of $199.99 (£140, AU$260).

So far we've only heard of the watch launching in the US as well as its home market of China, but it may come to more places soon. 

The multi-sport watch comes with a carbon fiber case, polished ceramic bezel and three stainless steel buttons around the side of the watch itself. 

On the front there's an always-on 1.34-inch 320 x 300 LCD display and a selection of different straps are available.

The Amazfit Stratos runs its own OS - so you won't see Wear OS apps pop up on this watch - that allows you to check your email, text messages and limited third-party services as well as use it with either your Android or iOS phone.

There's also 4GB of space for you to upload music directly to your watch and listen to it through a Bluetooth headset.

What about the fitness?

When it comes to fitness, you'll be able to take this in the pool to track your swimming as it's waterproof up to 50 meters. It'll monitor your sleep and step count automatically while the more in-depth sport tracking is backed up by a partnership with golf, softball, baseball and tennis tracking and analysis experts Zepp.

The 12 sports included on the Stratos are running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical machine, mountaineering, trail running, triathlon, tennis, soccer and skiing. Whether we'll see more added in the future hasn't been made clear by Amazfit.

There's built-in GPS, plus an optical heart rate sensor on the back of the watch that will monitor your beats per minute. You'll also be able to measure VO2 Max levels thanks to a partnership with heartbeat analytics company Firstbeat.

Amazfit says the battery on the watch should last for up to a whole week on a single charge, but the company hasn't commented on how long it'll last when using GPS and we'd expect it to be much lower then.

James Peckham

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