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If you're excited about the new Premier League season (we say 'if') where the Big Six monopoly may get broken at last, then this deal that lets you pretty much watch it all could leave you happier than Jurgen Klopp after a Champions League final win (OK, so maybe not that happy). You can now add BT Sport to your Sky TV package to watch its 52 exclusive games and make a saving, too.

The BT Sport package, which would normally cost you around £30 per month, is now priced at £25 per month for those adding it to their Sky TV package. Yup, that's a saving of £60 for the span of the 12-month contract - so an open goal, really.

Not only will you be able to watch your favourite side on the big screen via the BT Sport channels on Sky, but also on the move. This is thanks to BT Sport app support on smartphones and  tablets. You can even watch via dedicated apps on the likes of Apple TV, Xbox or Samsung Smart TV.

BT Sport upgrade for Sky subscribers | 12 months | £30 £25 a month

BT Sport upgrade for Sky subscribers | 12 months | £30 £25 a month
This 12-month contract BT Sport add-on will save you £60 off the normal price and give you access to almost every single televised Premier League game in the UK if added to your Sky Sports sub (you'll need Amazon Prime too for the full house) as well as exclusive Champions League and Europa League games. And it's not just football of course, BT Sport also carries some of the biggest boxing matches, rugby union action and more.

This package gets you BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport Extra, BT Sport ESPN and even Boxnation for fight fans. It's all in glorious HD for the first 3 months, before downgrading to SD for the remainder of the contract (unless you pay an extra £6.50 per month to keep HD for the last 9 months). 

If you don't like the idea of a 12-month contract commitment there is the option to have a rolling monthly contract, which costs a little more at the usual rate of £30 per month, with the same SD and HD options applying. 

One other way to save a few bucks is to get BT Sport on Sky TV along with BT's Superfast Fibre broadband, saving you £10 per month.

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