A new Chromecast with Google TV device is rumored to be on the way

Blue Chromecast with Google TV plugged into the back of a TV with the remote next to it.
The original Chromecast with Google TV. (Image credit: Google)

Google has another Chromecast with Google TV device in the works, according to the latest rumor – and it could come with a larger amount of on-board storage as well as support for more video formats.

This comes via "documentation viewed" by the always reliable 9to5Google, although there's not much in the way of detail here: only the news that a new device with the codename Boreal has been set up to connect to the same software that the current Chromecast with Google TV does.

It's really no surprise that Google is working on another one of these pieces of hardware, because the original supercharged Chromecast (with a remote, local storage, and a new software layer) has been proving popular with users.

What could come next

That the upgraded Chromecast with Google TV could come with more storage is only speculation at this point, but it would certainly make sense: the original device only has 8GB of storage, which isn't all that much room for apps and offline content.

Then there are the video formats: mentions of the AV1 video codec haven't been specifically spotted at this stage, but it's a format that Google has been pushing for newer Android TV devices – which would include this upcoming one.

One other little tidbit of information we get from 9to5Google is that the device is on schedule to launch this year. It might even make an appearance alongside other hardware due from Google this year, including the Pixel Watch.

Analysis: Chromecast continues to be a winner for Google

As time goes on, it's easy to forget just how impressive the Google Chromecast was when it first appeared: an affordable, straightforward, clever device that could plug into the back of your TV and give you access to all the streaming content you could want.

The first Chromecasts were mainly controlled by a connected phone of course, but that was fine. All the major apps got on board (even on iOS), so there was never a problem in terms of finding content to watch or listen to, and the Chromecast streaming protocol has always been fast and reliable.

When the first Chromecast with Google TV appeared in September 2020, it brought the Chromecast into the modern era: a phone or laptop was no longer required to do the casting, but the device remained straightforward to use and inexpensive.

Plus, the latest model and future ones run Google TV, a slick and capable software layer on top of Android TV that offers a comprehensive viewing experience – it makes it easy to get to the apps and the content you need, and it ties in well with Google's other products and services (including Google Assistant). The next device should be even better.

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