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We're loving NordVPN's Christmas VPN deal - get a free password manager worth $195

NordVPN vpn deal
(Image credit: NordVPN)

It must already be Christmas, because one of the word's largest VPN providers is ready to gift you a very pricey present. NordVPN is not only offering a whopping 80% off at the moment, but it's also throwning in three months extra and a FREE NordPass password manager with a usual annual price of $194.60. 

If you ask us that's a pretty kick-ass freebie, so it comes without surprise when we say that this is one of the best VPN deals out there as the holidays approach. Want to grab this offer quickly before it expires? Click here to get NordVPN's Winter VPN deal 

An added bonus of this deal is that the offer is on the three years deal which means your next 39 months of VPN cybersecurity and bypassing geo- restricted content is sorted with one total payment of $125.64 or £101.76. This may seem like a hefty sum to pay upfront, but this is for three years plan, which means you'd only be paying the equivalent of $3.49 or £2.82 a month. 

Got a couple of questions or need more information? Keep scrolling as we've got this awesome VPN deal outlined for you.

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Read more about this stellar VPN deal:

NordVPN | 36 39 months | FREE NordPass password manager | $430.20 $125.64 | 80% off
It's easy to see why we rate NordVPN so highly - it's super straightforward and easy to use (even if you're a tech newbie). Not to mention the range of features it boasts such as P2P-optimized servers, malware blocking and even Bitcoin support. It is also ideal for any heavy streaming lovers out there as it successfully foreign Netflix in our tests, too. And that NordPass password manager is super handy - it stores your passwords in a secure vault so you never forget them!
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Is NordVPN a good VPN provider?

In one word - yes! We rank it in our top 10, which given all the thorough tests and analysing we do on VPN services, is pretty ace position to sit in.

If you're concerned about privacy, NordVPN has a very strict zero-logging policy, meaning your privacy is secure and not only does it unblock Netflix but BBC iPlayer too. It also boasts a very speedy customer support so all you queries can be instantly resolved, an effective kill switch (ideal for anyone concerned with security).

Then there is the added bonus of the price - NordVPN is one of the cheapest VPN providers out there, especially now with this Winter VPN deal. Plus you can have up to six simultaneous connections on one account - which is perfect for anyone trying to save.

But it is worth noting that in October NordVPN revealed that it suffered a hack which breached its cybersecurity credentials. However, it has taken significant steps to correct this, which is why we still rank it so highly and are confident in recommending its service. If you want more information about this just keep scrolling down.

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What is the NordVPN breach?

In October 2019, NordVPN announced that the provider had suffered a hack which breached it's security. This hack dates back to 2018, and rather shook the sector when it came to the surface. When it was unveiled, NordVPN announced it was taking clear steps to tighten things up, including working with cybersecurity consulting firm VerSprite and completing a full-scale third-party independent security audit next year.

If you want further information on this hack, make sure you check out our NordVPN data breach news story. And if cybersecurity is your main reason for getting a VPN, why not read our most secure VPN provider guide.