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Truecaller’s new Call Reason feature is what introverts had been waiting for

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Truecaller is one of the most popular caller ID apps available with a host of features that help users save time and also be safe. The next update takes that to the next level with features such as Call Reason, Schedule SMS and SMS Translate.

The Swedish app now boasts of over 250 million users around the world, with 185 million of those based in India. With the aim of making communication more efficient, it offers features such as caller identification, smart messaging, UPI payments and even digital loans. With the new update that is now rolling out to all users, it extends its lead in this space.

Call Reason

(Image credit: Truecaller)

One of the most-requested features of all time, Truecaller now has the functionality to show why a person is calling. Before you initiate a call, the app will ask you to specify the purpose of the call to be shown to the other person. Apart from saving time, the company hopes that this will increase pick-up rates. Users can also keep three saved template messages to quickly use from before a call. All of these messages are encrypted and Truecaller will not be able to see the contents of the reason. This feature will be available on iOS early next year, but the information will be shown in the notifications and not on the call screen.

Schedule your SMS

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Available only on Android, users will be able to use Truecaller’s inbuilt messaging suite to schedule messages to be sent at a particular time. The option will be available in the chat screen and will be visible to the sender before it is sent. 

SMS Translate

(Image credit: Truecaller)

When texting with a person who doesn’t speak your language, Truecaller will now be able to automatically translate your messages when a foreign language is detected and directly show the translation. It is powered by Google’s Machine Learning kit and the entire process happens locally. The content never leaves your phone. Additional language packs can also be downloaded. It will be available only on Android.

In case you're worried about people misusing these features, Truecaller tells us that any such action can be reported from within the app in the same way that its spam filters work. Moderators and machine learning will keep a track of such users and take appropriate action.

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