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Selfie haters, look away: Canon's dual lens camera spells double trouble

Canon N100
What's that on the back? It's only another camera!

Canon's PowerShot N100 has both a front and rear camera, with the intention of the rear lens to capture your reaction in image or video form.

The camera features a new Dual Capture mode, with the rear camera dubbed a "Story Camera" to record your expression as you shoot. It's meant for when you're capturing moments like your child's first steps.

Canon's Hybrid Auto feature also makes an appearance on the N100, which captures four seconds of movie footage before you press the shutter to take a still image. Now you can also combine this with the Dual Capture functionality to record expressions behind the camera two seconds before and after image capture.

At the end of the day, the clips are merged into one movie to tell the story of the day.


The N100 features a 12.1 million pixel 1/1.7 inch type CMOS sensor. The front lens is 24mm at its widest point and boasts a 5x optical zoom. The rear-facing "Story Camera" features a 25mm lens which works simultaneously with the front-facing camera.

On the back of the camera is a three-inch, tilting touchscreen. Other features include Canon's HS system for good low light performance and integrated Wi-Fi and NFC.

The PowerShot N100 price will be US$349/£349 (approx AU$640), and it will be available from May 2014.