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MSI Wind hits the shops - in disguise

MSI Wind hits the shops
MSI Wind hits the shops

Reports are trickling through that PC World is offering the new MSI Wind - but rebadged under the Advent brand.

The device is almost identical to the one we reviewed earlier this month, even down to the location of the screws, so it's not too far fetched to believe they are the same.

Intel Atom and 1GB of RAM are all present and correct, giving those salivating at the chance to spend a few hundred quid on a second laptop a nice surprise.

Prettier price

The price is rather pleasant too - we're looking at £280 compared to the £350 widely expected for the Windows XP-toting device.

It looks to be available only in black - probably to add to its dangerous-looking disguise - though the Wind 'proper' will come in a variety of colours.

Some users are even reporting a 'made by MSI' sticker on the box or the computer, though this is, as yet, unconfirmed.

The actual Wind is set to hit the shops later this month, but you'd be foolish not to at least check this one out.