How to watch BBC Three online

Noticed the gap in your TV guide?

How to watch BBC Three online

If you've tried skipping channels to watch the latest episode of Don't Tell the Bride, only to find there's a conspicuous absence in your TV Guide then you might have missed the news that BBC Three will no longer be broadcast as a traditional linear TV channel, but instead will be online-only.

From 3:55am on February 16, the only way to view BBC Three content will be online, so if you're worried about missing out on your favourite TV shows here's our guide on how to watch BBC Three.

1. Through your browser

Perhaps the easiest way to watch BBC Three programs is through the BBC iPlayer website. BBC Three has its own section of the iPlayer website that lets you watch TV shows online. You won't have to wait for a program to be broadcast before watching it – all shows will now go online for your on demand viewing pleasure.

2. Through a smart TV or set top box

Getting up from the comfort of the sofa in your living room to watch BBC Three on a computer monitor won't appeal to many people, but there are other ways of watching the channel on your TV even though it is now online-only.

Most smart TVs support the iPlayer app, so if you're able to connect your TV to the internet then you should be able to browse iPlayer and watch BBC Three all from your TV's remote control.

Many set top boxes – such as YouView – as well as games consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – also support the BBC iPlayer app, so you can use them to access BBC Three on your TV.

You can also use a Chromecast and use that to access the iPlayer app as well.

How to watch BBC Three online

3. Through the iPlayer mobile app

One of the main reasons why the BBC has decided to make BBC Three online-only is because our viewing habits have changed – especially among young people who are BBC Three's primary demographic.

An increasing number of us are watching videos on our smartphones rather than traditional TV – so it makes sense that it is now easier than ever to watch BBC Three on our mobile devices. Just download the app for iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

How to watch BBC Three Online

4. Through YouTube and social media

If you want to make sure you don't miss out on any of the new documentaries, dramas, comedy and more made by BBC Three then subscribe to the official BBC Three YouTube channel, which will host most of the channel's online output.

Clips will also be shown on BBC Three's various social media channels, and the BBC Three Daily Drop website will keep you posted about the best programs from the now online-only channel.

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