Samsung says its Galaxy AI tech is expanding to wearable devices soon

Several Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic smartwatches in different colors
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (Image credit: Samsung)

We've written a lot about the various Galaxy AI features that arrived alongside the Galaxy S24 series, but it seems Samsung is just getting started with its AI tech – with its wearable products the next in line for some new AI enhancements.

The President and Head of MX Business at Samsung Electronics, TM Roh, has penned a blog post about "the era of mobile AI", and says that the next steps for Galaxy AI include its introduction on Galaxy wearables, as well as other device categories.

"In the near future, select Galaxy wearables will use AI to enhance digital health and unlock a whole new era of expanded, intelligent health experiences," says Roh, though he doesn't go into any further detail about what's on the way.

We've already heard about the live translation and interpretation features making their way to devices including the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, but it appears that a much wider rollout is planned, across more smartwatches, fitness trackers, and wireless earbuds.

New and old devices

The hand washing tool on a Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

The Galaxy Fit 2 (Image credit: Michael Sawh)

The AI features available on the Galaxy S24 phones include Circle to Search for quickly looking up items on the web, automatic summaries of notes and transcripts, advanced image and video editing capabilities, and language translation.

Not many of those features can be easily ported over to wearables, so we're assuming that Samsung has some other clever AI features in the pipeline when it comes to future devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7.

From what Samsung executives have said in the past, the focus is likely to be on using AI to make life more convenient for users, as well as boosting the capabilities of its devices – maybe extra insights into all of the data logged by a health tracker, for example.

The next wearable from Samsung could well be the rumored Galaxy Fit 3, though it's not clear exactly when it's going to break cover. It's also possible that Galaxy AI features will come to older wearables too, though they might be more limited in what they can do.

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