3 amazing mattress topper Cyber Monday deals to transform an old bed for less

Tuft and Needle mattress topper
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There's no better time to splurge on a new bed than Cyber Monday mattress deals. But what should you do if your current mattress is in good shape, but still not quite comfortable for you? Enter mattress toppers, one of the most affordable and efficient ways to upgrade your sleep setup.

A topper can help extend the lifespan of your current mattress by at least a couple of years, and make your bed as soft, firm or cool as you need it to be. It's also much cheaper than buying any of the best mattresses so if you can't justify the need for a brand new mattress right now, a topper will be the next best thing.

Mattress toppers come in a variety of materials and costs, just like their full-sized counterparts. Below are three mattress toppers we recommend you check out during this year's Cyber Monday deals – featuring luxury, mid-range, and budget options. However, all of our top picks are on the plusher side. (Toppers are primarily used to add a touch of softness to a mattress.) Thus, we recommend browsing our best mattress toppers guide for models that'll add firmness to your current bed.

The 3 best Cyber Monday mattress topper deals

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt Mattress

(Image credit: Tempur-Pedic)

1. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress Topper

Best luxury mattress topper deal

Great for side sleepers
Luxurious yet easy to care for
Expensive and can't be returned

A Tempur-Pedic mattress may be out of your price range, but a TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress Topper will afford you Tempur's luxury feel at a much lower price. Granted, this is all relative, as the TEMPUR-Adapt is among the most expensive mattress toppers out there. Then again, Tempur mattresses can cost thousands of dollars, even after discounts, so buying a Tempur topper is a far more economical solution.

Right now, the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt Mattress Topper is on sale for 25% off for Cyber Monday. That knocks the price of a queen to $314.25 (was $419). Now, we've seen it for as much as 40% off over the past month, but if you need to refresh your bed ASAP this is still a solid deal on a high-end topper. Also consider that it comes with the brand's best-selling Tempur-Pedic Cloud pillow plus a sleep mask free, an $118 value, and you may be able to get further savings with Tempur-Pedic promo codes. A 10-year warranty applies.

Beware that Tempur-Pedic doesn't allow for returns of its mattress topper, so we recommend reading our in-depth Tempur-Adapt topper review before buying. This plush, 3-inch mattress topper gently cradled our body without creating the sensation that we were sinking in quicksand. We highly recommend it for side sleepers, as it offers the perfect balance of comfort and support in that position. Back or stomach sleepers, on the other hand, will benefit from something more firm. 

Tuft & Needle Mattress Topper

(Image credit: Tuft & Needle)

2. Tuft & Needle Mattress Topper

Best mid-range mattress topper deal

Great for pressure relief
Includes 100-night trial
May not suit heavier bodies

The Tuft & Needle Mattress Topper will help your too-firm bed feel just-right. Inflation has gradually lifted the original Tuft & Needle Mattress out of budget territory over the last year, but it's still among the more affordable brands out there thanks to regular mattress sales. However, a Tuft & Needle topper will provide you with the brand's signature comfort for even less.

During the current Tuft & Needle Cyber Monday sale, its mattress topper is discounted by 25% off. That knocks the price of a twin to $150 and a queen to $187.50. For further comparison, opting for a Tuft & Needle Mattress Topper versus a Tuft & Needle Original Mattress can save you as much as $1,100 at their largest sizes. Better yet, Tuft & Needle offers a generous 100-night sleep trial (same as its mattresses), as well as a 3-year warranty.

This foam topper will suit most individuals who need top-notch pressure relief and contouring along the lumbar and shoulders – namely side sleepers and anyone with back pain. It's 2 inches tall, so it won't make your current bed all that much higher, although heavier people may benefit from something thicker or more supportive. Instead of corner straps, which can often be fiddly, the Tuft & Needle topper stays in place via silicone beads that'll prevent it from shifting whilst you're lying on it.

LinenSpa Gel-Infused Mattress Topper

(Image credit: LinenSpa)

3. LinenSpa Gel-Infused Mattress Topper

Best budget mattress topper deal

Wide range of sizes at low prices
Comes in 2 height profiles
Very highly reviewed on Amazon
Might not be a long-term solution
May sleep a bit warm

The LinenSpa Gel-Infused Mattress Topper is an excellent value buy if you need to soften up your current mattress. It's consistently Amazon's best-selling mattress topper – and also one of its best-rated. It boasts a 4.5 out of 5 star rating from nearly 100,000 Amazon customer reviews. (Linenspa actually makes what we consider to be one of the best mattresses on Amazon – read about it in our Linenspa mattress review).

Most sizes are technically not on sale for Cyber Monday (there are two big exceptions that we'll explain in a second) – this topper is here because it's so incredibly cheap even at MSRP. You can snag a 2" queen LinenSpa topper from as low as $59.99. However, if you want a 2" twin size or 3" king size, they're both cheaper than they have ever been at $27.99 and $83.99 respectively. 

You'll also be able to find this topper in less traditional sizes, such as a short queen or a narrow cot. Choose between 2-inch and 3-inch profiles, and bundle it with an optional cover for several dollars extra. A 3-year warranty applies, although you'll need to abide by Amazon's return policy if for some reason it doesn't work out.

The LinenSpa Gel-Infused Mattress Topper will feel like you're 'sleeping on a cloud' (per numerous Amazon customer reviews), which bodes well if you're looking for something lusciously plush to cushion your joints. It's infused with gel, but this topper's cooling properties appear to be inconsistent so chronically hot sleepers may need something else. There are questions concerning its longevity, so we'd recommend it for a seldom-used guest bed or as a short-term solution for your main bedroom until you can upgrade to something else.

More topper deals worth checking out

Not sold on any of the above? Here are three more Cyber Monday deals on toppers we rate highly. 

Bear Pro topper: $160 at Bear

Bear Pro topper: was $245 now from $160 at Bear
Bear has knocked a blanket 35% off everything with discount code BF35, which means its usually-pricey toppers are loads more affordable. Our pick of the three is the Pro, a plush memory foam mattress topper made from cooling, copper-infused foam and aimed a providing pressure relief for side and combi sleepers. There's free shipping and returns. 

Allswell 2" memory foam topper: $68$51 at Allswell

Allswell 2" memory foam topper: was $68 now from $51 at Allswell
Allswell is one of our favorite budget bed brands (find out why in our Allswell mattress review). If you go for a topper, it's even cheaper. This Cyber Monday, use promo code BIGSALE25 to take 25% off this memory foam mattress topper. It's made with a single layer of Energex foam, which is designed to meld to the body for optimal pressure relief, and features graphite and copper gel to regulate temperature and stop overheating. You get a very generous 100-night trial and free returns too. 

Avocado Eco Organic mattress topper: $279$251.10 at Avocado Green

Avocado Eco Organic mattress topper: was $279 now from $251.10 at Avocado Green
Avocado makes some of the best organic mattresses around, but they're a bit of an investment even with an Avocado Green mattress sale or Avocado discount codes. If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, try one of this brand's toppers. The Eco Organic is a new topper option, made with 2" of certified organic latex for a weightless sleep feel, and organic cotton (there's no wool). Because it's Avocado, you can expect top quality, and there's 10% off sitewide for Cyber Monday.

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