iPhone XR deals US: here's what it will cost and when you can get it

iphone xr

Today Apple unveiled its new line of iPhones, including the sequel to the iPhone 8. After speculation that it would be called the "iPhone 9" (or "iPhone 8s" or just simply "iPhone"), it was revealed as the iPhone XR. The new phone will come in six finishes (white, black, coral, blue, yellow, and (Product)RED) and in storage capacities of 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB.

When can I buy the Apple iPhone XR?

While we assumed that you would be able to order the new iPhone XR this month like the XS, Apple announced that it wouldn't be available for pre-order until October 19, with units shipping on October 26. It's possible that this timetable is related to the production of its new 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD display.

How much will the iPhone XR cost?

Touted as Apple's "affordable" handset, the iPhone XR still boasts an impressive of the $749 for the base 64GB model, slightly more than the price of an iPhone 8 prior to today. Meanwhile, the 128GB model will cost $799 and the 256GB edition will be $899.

Buying from a carrier

Of course, no matter what model you choose, you're not going to want to pay full price for the iPhone XR if you can help it. The easiest way to get an iPhone at a discounted price is through one of the major carriers as they all will offer incentives to get you to purchase the phone and possibly sign up for their wireless service. When the iPhone 8 was released, Sprint essentially offered the phone for free if you traded in an eligible phone and signed up for an 18-month lease and wireless contract. Meanwhile, the other carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T) offered up to $300 off when you traded in an eligible phone.

Of course, none of the companies will reveal their prices and options until Apple starts taking pre-orders, but expect them to try to outdo each other based on last year's offers.

Buying from a retailer

If you don't want to sign up for new service or trade-in your old phone (perhaps because you're giving it to a family member while you upgrade your phone), then maybe you'd rather purchase from a retailer. We frequently see the very first iPhone deals from storefronts on eBay, while big box stores will eventually offer discounts as well. Of course, you could also buy directly from Apple, but expect to pay full price unless you trade in an old phone.

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