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We're here to steer you towards the very best cheap sat nav sales. Our price comparison tools below displays the latest buying options for the best sat nav deals on a selection of the best-selling models out there. 

A new sat nav can give your car an instant upgrade. If you have an older vehicle, the right sat nav can bring it right up to date. Today's budget sat navs are more accurate than DVD-based sat-navs that cost thousands of pounds just a few years ago. Many modern sat navs deliver hands-free calls as well, making driving safer for cars without that feature built in.

It's worth bearing in mind that not all cheap sat navs are created equal. Features like live traffic updates might cost a little more, but could make a world of difference if you often find yourself stuck in a jam.

The latest cheap sat nav sales

cheap sat nav deals garmin

Garmin DriveSmart 50LMT-D

Lifetime maps and live traffic with lots of customisation

Display: 5-inch | Battery: up to 1 hour | Internal storage: not stated | SD slot: microSD

Bright 5-inch display
Bluetooth and phone integration
Live traffic and lifetime mapping

The big attraction here is lifetime mapping and live traffic information, but it’s an impressive device too. There’s a five-inch, dual-orientation touchscreen with pinch to zoom display, customizable driver alerts to warn you about hazards such as sharp curves or school zones, smartphone notifications, hands-free control and Bluetooth integration for hands-free calling. Voice control can be a little flaky but the phone integration is very good. Like all Garmin sat-nav devices, the directions take a plain-English approach, suggesting you turn after specific landmarks rather than just telling you how far it is before the next direction change.

cheap sat nav deals garmin

Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT-D

Essentially a DriveSmart with added dashcam

Display: 5-inch | Battery: 30 mins | Internal storage: not stated | SD slot: microSD

5-inch screen
Dashcam and crash warnings
Live traffic and lifetime mapping

The DriveAssist takes the DriveSmart 50 as a template and adds a bunch of stuff to it. There’s a dash camera, which records your trips and provides useful evidence if you hit or are hit by another vehicle, and there’s accident avoidance technology too. It doesn’t actually do anything to your car, but it attempts to warn you if you’re drifting towards the other lane or if you’re maybe getting a little close to tailgating the car in front. Whether that’s a good thing depends on how you like your driver assistance: for some it’s a little too noisy.

cheap sat nav deals tomtom go

TomTom Go 620

It costs a lot, but it does a lot too

Display: 6-inch | Battery: up to 1 hour | Internal storage: 16GB | SD slot: microSD

Lifetime world maps
Siri and Google Now support
Lifetime speed camera alerts

This is pricier than most, but it does more than most. You get lifetime maps for the whole world and lifetime updates on speed camera locations, lifetime traffic data via your smartphone and Wi-Fi software and map updating, hands-free calling, smartphone notifications and a free horse. We’re lying about the horse, but you do get a nifty magnetic mount and a six-inch capacitive touchscreen. It’s a very impressive device with 3D buildings in cities, coverage of most of the planet (although if you’re going to Ukraine, you’re only covered 65% of the time) and a huge range of supported languages. The free traffic camera service means it a very attractive long-term investment.

cheap sat nav deals

TomTom Via 62

An excellent all-rounder that’s a better buy than the Start

Display: 6-inch | Battery: up to 1 hour | Internal storage: 8GB | SD slot: microSD

Live traffic data (via phone)
Lifetime maps
6-inch display

The TomTom Via 62 is an excellent all-rounder. It connects to your phone for hands-free calling but also to contact TomTom’s traffic servers, which is a big plus - but it does mean that your phone can’t connect to your car’s own system, so if you prefer to stream music to your car stereo or use its hands-free calling then this might not be the nav for you. The 6-inch display is resistive rather than capacitive (you don't have to apply as much pressure on capacitive screens) but it works well enough and provides crisp, clear maps. It’s not the kind of device to make the heart sing but it gets you where you want to go with the minimum of fuss. Not currently available in the US.

cheap tomtom sat nav deals

TomTom Go 52 (Start 52 in the UK)

Cheap and cheerful but lacks live traffic

Display: 5-inch | Battery: 1 hour | Internal storage: 8GB | SD Slot: microSD

Lifetime maps
Fast startup
3 months of speed camera locations

The Start is a little pricey in its US incarnation but in the UK it’s a strong contender in the sub-£100 sector. There’s no live traffic data, which may be a restriction too far for some, but it’s straightforward enough with a clear display, good directions and fast startup time. The resistive screen isn’t as nice as more expensive devices’ capacitive ones, but it works fine and you get lifetime map updates that’ll keep it current for years to come. It’s not spectacular but it’s solid enough - although it’s wise to track the price of the Via 62, which does have life traffic information and which is often discounted so it costs the same as the 52.

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