Leaked Apple roadmap shows full OLED timeline for iPads, MacBooks and iMacs

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Apple’s incoming OLED products have been the subject of a good deal of speculation in recent times, and you can add to that with a freshly leaked roadmap of these devices – which purportedly include a giant iMac and supersized foldable iPad Pro.

Wccftech spotted that leaker Revegnus posted the roadmap on X (formerly Twitter), and obviously take it with considerable seasoning – we aren’t told where the leak comes from, for one thing.

As you can see, the only Apple hardware down to get OLED in 2024 is the iPad Pro (11-inch, 13-inch models) landing in around a year’s time.

Next up, in theory, will be MacBook Pro models (14-inch, 16-inch) with OLED, which will be turning up at the start of 2026, followed by a foldable 20-inch iPad Pro in mid-2026.

Then, at the start of 2027, Apple will purportedly push out MacBook Air models with OLED (13-inch, 15-inch), and finally, iMacs with OLED are set for release at the close of 2027 (21-inch, 27-inch, 32-inch).

The giant OLED-toting iMac we mentioned at the outset will be a 42-inch model set to debut later in 2028.

Analysis: Half a decade out

With the roadmap extending all the way out to five years away, at that point, we’re a long way down Apple’s future product timeline. Even if this leak is authentic, and we don’t know that for sure by any means, while these might be Apple’s plans right now, how the launches pan out could end up very different.

When you’re talking about half a decade’s worth of planning, a lot could change, and products could morph into something else or be scrapped entirely.

In short, this whole leak needs to be treated very carefully, although it does give us some interesting hints as to how Apple’s OLED rollout might progress, especially if we compare it to recent rumors.

Certainly, the iPad Pro getting OLED in 2024 has been long-rumored, and indeed OLED iPad Air and iPad mini models have also been mentioned, but aren’t on this new roadmap.

As for the MacBook Pro with OLED, previous chatter has been around a 2026 launch, so again this marries up with this new leak – though we have seen a suggestion of slippage to 2027 (and that could still happen, in theory, of course).

What about the OLED MacBook Air? At one point, speculation pointed to a launch next year, but chatter has since dried up somewhat… and this leak certainly points to the Air being a good way off (after the MacBook Pro OLED). This could mean we’ll be waiting a long time for any OLED-equipped MacBook at all.

As for the iMacs, including that massive 42-inch OLED model – is that likely? Or indeed the foldable 20-inch iPad Pro? Both feel like much wilder pieces of speculation, and we shudder to think of the cost of either of these devices given Apple’s typical pricing.

Interestingly, much of this does chime with a previous leak from market research firm Omdia earlier this year (in April), which could lend it more authenticity – that spillage also mentioned 32-inch and 42-inch OLED panels (not necessarily for iMacs though, but standalone monitors) and a 20-inch foldable iPad Pro.

So, this new leaked roadmap either underlines these findings, or was ‘inspired’ by them, the more cynical might argue. Time will tell, though given the long-ranging extent of this leak, we’ll be waiting quite a while for all these products to come to fruition (or not).

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