AMD Ryzen 9000 CPUs are getting a nifty trick to help enthusiasts get the best out of the next-gen chips

A mockup of an AMD Ryzen 9000-series processor
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The developer behind some tools for Ryzen processors, including ClockTuner and Project Hydra, has told us about an exciting new introduction for Ryzen 9000 chips that AMD is bringing in, namely Curve Shaper, a new add-on for Curve Optimizer (in Team Red's Ryzen Master software).

As you can see, in the above post on X, the dev described the new ability as an "incredible new overclocking feature" no less.

So, what does the new Curve Shaper feature do? It gives enthusiasts control over the power curve for the whole temperature range, and prevents unnecessary boosting of the CPU (and power wastage therein) when the processor is idling or not doing much.

At present, the Curve Optimizer feature is available in Ryzen Master to hand-tune the AVFS curve of either specified CPU cores, or the entire processor, which can result in increased performance, but at the cost of higher temperatures. Multi-core overclocking benefits the likes of intensive rendering, whereas single-core better benefits gaming performance (to a large extent, at any rate).

In short, this new feature is a bid to lower temperatures when possible while engaging in overclocking Ryzen 9000 processors by using Curve Optimizer. That means you won't have to go in and manually disable the feature in the settings if you're planning on low activity instead of gaming or heavy CPU-bound processes, so everything's on track to be much smarter and more power-efficient for those wanting to squeeze the most out of the best processors from Team Red.

We'll soon get to see what AMD Zen 5 can really do

Everything we've seen about AMD Zen 5 (Ryzen 9000) from leaks to the official unveiling at Computex 2024 has given the impression that it's more of a slightly faster iteration than a revolution.

This isn't entirely unexpected from a second-generation AM5 chipset, though, as Team Red is working on how best to optimize its platform rather than reinventing the wheel. With features such as Curve Shaper baked into Curve Optimizer, those wanting the best performance will have the ability to push harder while gaining the mentioned efficiency benefits.

Also notable with Ryzen 9000 is that PC enthusiasts may get the ability to make the best gaming CPUs even better - given that X3D variants are rumored to be lined up for full overclocking support this time around (with the caveat that some safeguards are likely to be in place).

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