Windows 11 runs into more trouble as Microsoft halts rollout of new features in testing

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Microsoft has stopped the rollout of some new features to Windows 11 testers as it "investigate a few issues" discovered in the Dev channel (build 26120.961). 

The announcement was made in the blog post announcing the latest slew of new Windows 11 features which have now been put on hold.

Those features include improvements with Voice Access, such as support in Narrator to allow the hands-free dictation of text, as well as bringing Voice Access to Windows 11's search functionality, all of which are big wins for accessibility.

There's also a new account manager panel in the Start menu, and fixes for Task Manager, all of which are paused while Microsoft investigates said issues. The software giant hasn't given us any indication of when we might expect a resolution of these problems yet. 

PhantomOfEarth, a regular leaker on X, observes that the brakes were applied by Microsoft due to issues including a "broken touch keyboard, emoji picker, and clipboard history."

Windows 11's broader woes

We shouldn't have to wait too long for the gremlins in the works to be fixed, given that Windows 11 preview builds arrive on a pretty regular schedule (at least once per month, minimum).

It's not been the best week for Windows 11, as Microsoft just broke the taskbar for some users when it implemented a solution for a previous issue (whereby the KB5039302 update was put on hold after some users were left stuck in an infinite boot loop - nasty). Another recent fly in the ointment has been the appearance of adverts in the Start Menu.

In the case of this latest preview build, it makes sense why Microsoft has pushed back these more experimental features, but it's far from a good look given all the current problems around Windows 11 - particularly the controversial Recall feature which was recently put on ice, too.

In all honesty, Microsoft really needs to make an effort to get its act together on a broader level with Windows 11.

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