Latest Windows 11 update resumes rollout as Microsoft deals with nasty reboot bug – but some unlucky users have found their taskbar is now broken

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Microsoft has quietly fixed a recent Windows 11 patch (KB5039302, a preview update) which was paused to deal with a bug that caused some PCs to enter a reboot loop (a really nasty situation to be in).

While the patch is now rolling out again - because Microsoft has blocked it from being made available to potentially affected PCs - the update has run into fresh trouble, with reports of the taskbar not working properly.

Microsoft is aware of the taskbar glitches plaguing some Windows 11 users - in fact, the June 2024 preview update may lead to the taskbar not loading altogether. It's claimed that this issue is only "expected to occur if you are using a Windows N edition" or if you manually disable the Media Features toggle in the Control Panel. 

Previous to this new problem, some Windows 11 users were experiencing reboot loops as mentioned, making their system potentially unusable. This only appears to have affected machines where nested virtualization is enabled. As the name implies, this feature allows users to run virtual machines, and it's utilized more in business and enterprise settings than by your everyday consumer.

The only fix discovered for the previous 'reboot hell' bug is to manually remove the update from the Advanced Startup menu, we're told. 

It's worth underlining that Windows 11 update KB5039302 is optional, so you can avoid it altogether, and it's probably best to do so for now - even though most folks won't be affected by the new glitch. Later in July, this update will become the full release for Windows 11, at which point you can't avoid it (for long, anyway). By then, hopefully Microsoft will have fixed this new bug, and the old issue, too.

The problems continue for Windows 11

Microsoft has been having some serious issues with Windows 11 throughout the first half of 2024. As well as the increased level of advertising - with the likes of Xbox Game Pass ads now blighting the Settings app - and instability problems, there's also been a bug with the operating system telling users they've changed their location. Another recent bug has led to distorted videos in Google Chrome and Microsoft's own Edge browser as well.

So yes, Windows 11 hasn't had the smoothest ride this year, or indeed since it was launched. To see the taskbar, of all things, not loading in or working correctly is certainly an oddity, even if that issue is still far preferable to a PC which is stuck in boot loop hell. We'll keep an eye on this one and update you when Microsoft fixes this new bug.

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