Apple on Black Friday: which products and deals to look out for

Apple Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer that incredibly rare opportunity – to actually find some nice deals on slashed-price Apple products.

Apple is known for the luxury finish, and resulting premium pricing, of its devices. So, the year-end deals season is one of the few times when it's not unusual to find an iPad, MacBook, Apple TV or iPhone with a few bucks knocked off its normal asking price.

Once you first hear about a device to the second you send it off to the great gadget graveyard in the sky, TechRadar is with you throughout, and Black Friday is no different. If you're hunting the top Apple deals this Black Friday, look no further. Read on for some ace tips on scoring a sweet deal on Apple products as well as the kind of Apple deals currently available.

When is Black Friday 2018?

Since the dawn of time, or something like that, Black Friday has taken place on the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving. 

That means this year Black Friday is on November 23 2018. However, the deals onslaught will begin well before that, likely on Thanksgiving itself.

When is Cyber Monday 2018?

Cyber Monday always falls on the Monday immediately following Black Friday weekend, making Cyber Monday 2018 land on November 26.

Again, however, Cyber Monday deals will likely begin on the Saturday or Sunday beforehand, so don't find yourself left out.

How to get the best Apple deals on Black Friday

Apple rarely ever discounts its own devices, particularly not its latest and greatest gadgets, like the iPhone XS or iPad Pro 10.5. The company sometimes bundles in some extra App Store credit with a deal, but that's about as far as it goes from Apple directly.

That means you'll have to keep a keen eye on online retailers in order to get the top Apple deals this Black Friday. And, even when price-cut, there's a premium to Apple devices, so set that budget and keep to it – could you get a more performant, newer product in a similar category if you didn't buy Apple? Consider any Android or Windows alternatives that may fit your budget better.

Oddly enough, camera hardware retailers in the US, particularly B&H Photo and Adorama, are known to sell MacBook products at below list price during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Specifically, last year's models will be found at favorable prices. Here are the current top MacBook Pro 13-inch deals:

Apple iPad

iPad deals on Black Friday aplenty

For whatever reason, it tends to be iPads that are especially prone to deals season discounting, so that's a fine place to begin your prep work. Take note of the size (Mini, standard or Pro in their many guises) that you want, and start tracking its price now. If you catch an older device rise steeply in price in the next couple of weeks, you can assume that's because it's bound to fall back down again for Black Friday, giving the stores a chance to slap even bigger price-slashing stickers on them.

Apply the same methods to MacBook and iPhone deals, too. What are you mainly going to use the MacBook for? Do you truly need a chipset strong enough for heavy video editing if that's not what you plan to use it for? And, is an iPhone in a Plus or Max-sized configuration truly necessary if you're already carrying a tablet everywhere you go? And, what about smartwatches – do you, really, truly need one? Unless you're a fitness fanatic, we doubt it.

Keep in mind that, with the mobile devices, you're not just buying the hardware, but  a data package to go with them is basically required. Before purchasing a SIM-free iPhone, review all the options that retailers have available – they become awfully competitive around Black Friday weekend, and could save you lots of scratch in the long run if you score a savvy phone-data-and-streaming-service combo deal.

Simply can't wait for Black Friday? Here are the best iPad deals right now:

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend can be a particularly trying exercise in web-window shopping, with tons of retailers slashing prices on devices all over. We dig deeply through the retailers' Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals – all for you – with the aid of dangerous levels of caffeine, and will fill you in on which deals are worth getting hyped about. 

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