Campfire Audio's stunning new wired earbuds will take your ears to the moon

Campfire Audio Moon Rover on purple TR background
(Image credit: Campfire Audio)

Portland, Oregon-based Campfire Audio makes some of the best wired headphones you can buy, as well as some of the best looking; if you can afford the high-end prices their premium products command they deliver truly sensational sound. And now there's a new set of IEMs for you to consider, and they may well be the best-looking IEMs the firm has ever made. Which is saying something: previous products such as the Fathom IEMs, the Trifecta and the Solaris Stellar Horizon weren't exactly beaten with the ugly stick either.

The new Moon Rover IEMs' titanium shells have a striking iridescent finish in hues of purple, yellow and blue, and they look sensational. That finish is quite unusual in that it appears different from every angle, and contrasts nicely with the gold-plated screws. 

But as ever with expensive IEMs, what's really important here is the sound, aided by the drivers under the hood – and the specs here are impressive.

Campfire Audio Moon Rover IEMs: key features and price

The Moon Rover IEMs feature 12mm "magnetic planar dynamic" drivers (which is interesting because until now, we've known only 'planar magnetic' or the more traditional 'dynamic' driver types, in IEMs) and, according to Campfire, these deliver "previously unseen" levels of impulse response and a "completely unique" signal reproduction quality. The firm also promises class-leading accuracy that bests that of even larger dynamic drivers.

Specs-wise, you're looking at a frequency response of 5Hz to 20kHz, sound pressure of 94dB at 1kHz and impedance of 22.5 ohms. Total harmonic distortion is less than 1% at 1kHz.

As ever with Campfire, you get some top-tier luxury touches: the case is handmade waxed leather. And this is Campfire, so there's a luxury price tag attached too. At $1,199 / £1,199 (around AU$2,279) these aren't the most expensive IEMs the brand has ever produced, but they're still aimed at the more (ahem) affluent audiophile.

If you count yourself among that elite group though, you may need to move quickly: the Campfire Audio Moon Rover are available now, but these handmade IEMs are a limited edition and only 888 sets will be produced. (Our advice? Hurry!) 

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