Apple Music adds a new personalized daily playlist based on the songs you can’t quit

Apple Music heavy rotation
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If there were any doubt that your correspondent listens to a lot of Taylor Swift and Troye Sivan, the new Heavy Rotation playlist on Apple Music has removed it. The new playlist, which should be in your desktop or mobile Apple Music app now, is an automatically generated playlist containing 25 of your most listened tracks that provides quick access to your favorite music as well as a savage indictment of how often you're playing the same artists.

The new playlist works slightly differently from the other personalized playlists you have access to on Apple Music. They're updated every week, but the new Heavy Rotation playlist changes daily. That means it'll be a more accurate barometer of what you're listening to – your own personal tranding vibe.

Apple Music's making lots of little improvements

The new Heavy Rotation playlist is the latest in a string of minor but useful improvements that Apple has been making to its music streaming service, which remains one of the best music streaming services you can subscribe to. Earlier this month, it introduced two new personalized stations for Valentine's Day – Love, and Heartbreak – and it also updated its Replay statistics to include monthly versions instead of just a yearly review of your listening habits.

One of the most useful new features is still in testing: Spotify import. Just over a week ago it emerged that Apple was testing a Songshift-powered service on Android that would make it easy to transfer your library and playlists from Spotify to Apple Music. I've used SongShift in the past and found it to be excellent, but it's also a paid-for service so if Apple is planning to integrate a useful version into Apple Music for free, that could be one of the most welcome upgrades of all.

The arrival of the service does appear to be some way off, however. The version that was found inside the Apple Music app for Android is far from finished, and appears to be in a very early stage of testing. However if it's being tested in Android then it's likely to make its way to the iOS and Mac apps in the not too distant future.

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