This new iPhone app could save you from an Apple Music disaster

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Apple Music is easily one of the best music streaming services you can use, but there’s no doubt it has its fair share of annoyances. Now, though, a new app has appeared that could solve one of the biggest gripes with Apple’s music app.

Called Rewind, the app from iOS developer Feel Good Tech enables you to recover music and playlists that you have accidentally deleted from your Apple Music library. That could save you hours of rebuilding, especially if you’ve lost a playlist containing hundreds of tracks.

The developer describes Rewind as being “like Time Machine, but for Apple Music.” That’s because it allows you to back up playlists, songs and music videos from your Apple Music library, ensuring you can recover them if the worst happens.

Rewind is free to download and use but has a paid-for Ultra tier that includes automatic backups, which work in the background and mean you don’t need to manually start backing up yourself. Ultra is a one-off purchase, so there’s no recurring subscription involved.

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Similar to Time Machine, Rewind lets you go “back in time” to see previous versions of your Apple Music library that you have backed up. As well as that, the developer notes that you can delete music and playlists with confidence, knowing that you can recover them again if you change your mind.

Rewind is just one of several great apps that help make Apple Music a whole lot better. SongCapsule, for example, builds custom algorithmically driven playlists that enable you to rediscover forgotten gems in your library. MusicHarbor, meanwhile, lets you follow your favorite artists and stay up to date with concerts and new releases. There are even apps that totally overhaul the Apple Music user interface, including Marvis and Soor.

And while you’d hope that you’d never need to use Rewind, its handy backups could help prevent disaster. If you think you’re a touch accident-prone, it might be worth a look.

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