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Giottos 9351B/MH7001 ball head review

A budget tripod option that's easy to use

Giottos' cheap and flexible tripod won us over

Our Verdict

Although it doesn’t have the finish or the smooth movements of a pricey tripod, for the money you get a stable tripod with a classic design and high adjustability for those awkward angles. Great value.


  • Nice design
  • Easily adjustable
  • Excellent value for money


  • Cheap finish

The 9351B here is a prototype model from Giottos' new range. We tested it with Giottos MH7001 ball head.

It's quite compact when folded, but opens out to a good height. The centre column is released via a locking knob, and the vertical movement is nice and smooth.

Flexible tripod

If you pull it all the way up, the column actually comes out altogether, revealing this tripod's special trick. A second locking knob lets you adjust the angle of the column clamp, so you can rotate it slightly, re-insert the column and use it as a boom.

You can do this with several rival tripods, but where they only allow a horizontal boom, the adjustable clamp angle on the Giottos gives you more than 90 degrees of movement.

It has much more versatility in this mode and, thanks to a Head Rotate Control, it's easy to rotate the column/boom to point in any direction.