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Philips Android TVs will be the first to offer Spotify Connect

Tuning the TV

Android-powered Philips TVs will be the first to support Spotify Connect, letting you stream music from a mobile device straight to the television.

From September, Spotify Premium subscribers will be able to stream music on their compatible Philips Smart TV, in a move that will integrate the music service more into our homes.

And Spotify tells us that Philips is just the first in a "long line" of smart TVs that will be arriving with Connect support.

Because Connect draws on internet connectivity directly, the tunes will keep pumping even if your phone or tablet goes out of range, or you have to take a call - making it better than other connectivity options, such as Bluetooth.

Connecting sounds

On top of that, Spotify has announced some new Connect partners for home speakers, including Bose, Panasonic and Gramofon. More will be announced at IFA 2014, Spotify tells us, so keep an eye on this space.

And as for all you Windows Phone users, don't forget that Spotify has just opened up free streaming to your platform.