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Amazon Send to Kindle gets documents to your reader quicker than ever

Send to Kindle app
Gets docs to your Kindle clickety-quick

Amazon has released an application that allows users to send documents directly from a PC to their Kindle.

This will come as a relief to many Kindle users who have been using the less convenient method of emailing documents to a Send to Kindle email address.

The new software means that PC users must simply right click on Word documents, PDFs, text files and images and select the "Send to Kindle" option.

Multiple files can be sent in this way, meaning it's potentially a big time saver for Kindle power users.

Think before you print

There's also the option to send documents from the print menu by selecting "Send to Kindle" from the list of installed printers.

At the moment, Send to Kindle is Windows-only, so Mac users will have to keep doing it the hard way for the time being.

Documents can also be stored in the Kindle Library cloud service for downloading later, or across multiple devices. Currently the only reading application supported is the Kindle App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Send to Kindle for PC is available to download free from Amazonnow.