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Amazon resolves dispute with independent publisher over Kindle books

Amazon resolves dispute with independent publisher over Kindle books
IPG's digital titles have returned to the Kindle store

Amazon has come to terms with the Independent Publishers Group following a dispute that saw 5,000 titles removed from the Kindle store.

The spat began in February when IPG refused to a agree to a new contract which would have "substantially" reduced earnings for authors on ebooks and paper titles sold on Amazon.

Reports also suggested that IPG was unhappy with what Amazon was offering, compared with what other publishers in the marketplace were receiving.

The failure to reach an agreement saw the ebook giant remove IPG's titles from the Kindle Store, but continue to sell the paper versions.

More controversy

After long negotiations a deal as now been brokered and the titles are starting to return to the online portal, but not much is known about the terms of the new deal.

The agreement comes following an intense few weeks of controversy over the relationships between publishers and ebook retailers.

Last month Apple and five of the world's biggest publishing houses were sued by the US justice department over allegations they colluded to fix ebook prices.

Some of the publishers chose to settle out of court while Apple, Macmillan and Penguin intend to fight the writ in court.

Via: The Verge