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iPod gets first in-ear Bluetooth earphones

iPod and mobile phone users can now listen to their music via Bluetooth with the a set of in-ear wireless Bluetooth earphones.

The Etymotic Ety8 earphones from Etymotic Research are the first in-ear wireless Bluetooth headphones to go on sale. The Ety8 earphones come with a Bluetooth adapter unit that can clip onto an iPod to give it wireless connectivity. And they also work with other stereo Bluetooth mobile phones and computers.

The Ety8 noise-isolating earphones comprise of two small earpieces connected by a thin cable behind the neck. The earpieces fit snugly into the ear canal using comfortable ear-plug style gels to cut out noise and improve sound reproduction.

The 8Mate iPod adapter enables the user to control functions (such as volume, track selection, play/pause) on the iPod from an earphone control panel. It features the latest Bluetooth A2DP stereo streaming and AVRCP remote control protocols. The Ety8 earphones promise 7-10 hours of listening time between recharging.

The Ety8 in-ear earphones are on sale now via the Apple online store for £199.95.