Lumia 1320 joins the pack as cheaper Nokia offering

Nokia Lumia 1320
A big phone at a budget price, but with budget specs as well

Nokia's Lumia 1320, a low-end smartphone which was bandied about previously with the codename "Batman", will finally makes its way to Australian stores on February 4.

The device arrived during Nokia World last October, shown off as part of the Nokia Beamer app which allows Nokia users to share screens between one another. As expected, it's specs are comparable to the Lumia 625.

The biggest selling point of the low-end device is it's screen, which like the 625 before it, tips the scale on the larger end, coming with a 6-inch display that's pegged at 720p.

Despite the 720p display, you've still got the necessary space on the 6 inch screen to have the extra column of Live Tiles on the home screen a la the Lumia 1520 - happy face.

Under the hood, the Lumia 1320 houses a 1.7GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, a handy microSD slot and 4G connectivity.

Not so fancy

In the camera department, the Lumia 1320 is no where near as well equipped as the 20MP-toting Lumia 1520, as this budget offering is lumped with a 5MP rear snapper which Nokia claims will shoot 1080p video, although we're wary of the quality.

There's also a 0.3MP front-facing camera, although bar the odd video call it's probably worth avoiding. It also features a removable back cover and comes in yellow, black and white - no sign of the orange cover Down Under.

Under that rear cover lives a sizable 3400mAh battery, and the plastic housing is a rather chunky 164.5 x 85.9 x 9.79mm, with a wrist crippling 220g weight.

As a Windows Phone 8 offering, you also get the full Office suit, Nokia's Here navigation app and integration with Xbox, while SkyDrive gives you 7GB of cloud storage.

Available from February 4, the Lumia 1320 will set you back $449 from most retailers. While Telstra will be offering the phone outright for $404, Vodafone is set to stock the Lumia 1320 as well, but there has been no word on if Optus will be stocking the phone yet.

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