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OpenLIVE hi-res music store open for business in Australia

OpenLIVE launches in Australia
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Australian music aficionados have something to crow about with the launch of OpenLIVE – a brand new music download service for Australians that offers hi-res audio quality.

The service delivers music at minimum CD quality, which is 44.1 kHz / 16-bit (1411 kbps), all the way up to 24-bit, delivered in the lossless FLAC audio format.

Individual 16-bit songs are priced at $2.19, while 24-bit songs will cost you $3.84.

The highest quality fidelity

OpenLIVE also hopes to invigorate Australia’s live music scene, boasting MasterBuilder recording technology that gives artists the tools to record and distribute high-quality versions of their live performances on the service within moments of the show's end.

“Very soon, any band or Artist playing in OpenLIVE enabled venues will have the ability to capture, archive and release their live performances with just a few clicks” says Simon Tait, CTO of OpenLIVE.

While OpenLIVE’s music catalogue is relatively small compared to the likes of iTunes or streaming services like Tidal (which boasts 30 million tracks), the service has launched with a respectable 1.5 million hi-res tracks and aims to continue to grow its library in the coming months.

Stephen Lambrechts

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