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The best Australian TV sales for EOFY 2020: score an ace new telly for less

EOFY 2020: TVs
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Now that staying home is the new normal, it's become especially important to have a great television in your living room. With the end of financial year (EOFY) coming up, you can expect huge discounts on a variety of smart TVs across a number of Aussie retailers, making this June an ideal time if you're looking to save money on a new telly. 

Televisions, more so than most other tech products, tend to receive drastic price drops mere months after release, meaning it's possible to save hundreds (or even thousands) on a relatively new TV's RRP. 

Now that the Australian business year is coming to a close, you can expect those prices to come down even further. Like last year, we predict that 2020's EOFY sales are going to be some of the best we've ever seen for smart televisions!

Still, buying a new television, even a discounted one, is not something to be taken lightly – you will need to drop a fat stack of cash regardless of which TV you end up with. That's why we're here to make sure you're informed on the very best EOFY TV sales as they become available.

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LG 2020 TV lineup

Image: Sony (Image credit: LG)

Early EOFY 2020 TV sales

While it's still a little early to list EOFY 2020's best TV sales, we will be highlighting the deals that are already happening in the lead up to the main event.

You don't have to wait till June 1 to purchase that TV you've had your eye on. Some retailers have already started listing some incredible discounts on a number of recommended TVs – here are some of the best TV prices that are happening at the moment.

Samsung 55-inch Q95T QLED 4K TV | AU$2,698 (was AU$3,499; save AU$801)

Right now, you can pick up the 55-inch model of Samsung's flagship 4K QLED for a steal from Appliances Online. Released in April 2020, the Q950T boasts Direct Full Array lighting, object tracking directional sound, incredibly quantum dot colours and voice assistant control. Gamers and sports fans will also be happy to hear about the Q950T's 200Hz smooth refresh rate capability. Was AU$3,499, now on sale for AU$2,698 – that's a 23% dscount!View Deal

Samsung 75-inch Q80T QLED 4K TV | AU$3,820 (RRP: AU$5,249; save AU$1,429)

This fantastic 75-inch QLED telly from Samsung offers vibrant quantum dot colours, Direct Full Array lighting for increased contrast and stunning black levels, object tracking directional sound, up to 200Hz refresh rate, HDR10+ support and Ambient Mode. Usually priced at AU$5,249, The Good Guys' eBay store sale price is currently AU$3,820. Admittedly a little more expensive than it was last week, but still a terrific saving off the TV's original RRP.View Deal

Last year's best EOFY deals

While the deals below have long since expired, it's taking note of what last year's EOFY sales offered in terms of discounts. This gives us a pretty good idea of what we can expect for EOFY 2020. 

EXPIRED: Sony 55-inch A8F OLED TV | Now $2,490 | Videopro

Last year, Videopro offered Sony's award-winning A8F at far less than its RRP with a terrific deal that on this amazing 55-inch OLED for only $2,490, which was significantly less than Sony's original $3,999 asking price. Hopefully, there will be more huge discounts like this one in 2020.

EXPIRED: Hisense 65P7 65-inch UHD ULED TV | Now $1,185| JB Hi-Fi

In our Hisense 65P7 review, we stated "If you can get the Hisense 65P7 for less than the asking price, you won't be disappointed with its quality and high-end features." Though this deal is no longer available, Videopro's price on this ULED TV with ultra local dimming sat at $1,185 – substantially less than its original price of $3,299. We hope to see more deals like it this year.

EXPIRED: LG B8 65-inch OLED TV | Now $2,985 | Bing Lee

This long-gone deal offered an utterly fantastic LG OLED television for under three grand, and we certainly hope that Bing Lee will bring similar discounts to this year's best LG OLEDs. Last year's sale price on LG's 65-inch B8 OLED was an impressive $2,985 – a massive saving on the TV's original $4,199 RRP.

Features to look for in EOFY 2020 sales

1. Screen technology

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a new television in 2019 is its display technology. TV manufactures like to throw around numerous acronyms, including OLED, QLED and LED-LCD, and it's important to know the benefits and drawbacks of each.

OLED technology, or organic light-emitting diodes, employs self-lighting pixels that can be controlled individually. That means that individual pixels have the ability to lower in brightness or turn off completely to achieve complete blackness in dark scenes. Of course, due to their organic nature, OLED TVs have been known to suffer from burn-in on some occasions. That said, the technology is generally considered the current high-watermark in display technology.

LED-LCD, while an older technology that requires a physical backlight solution, continues to thrive in all other non-OLED televisions. The addition of actual backlights on LED panels means they're able to achieve much higher levels of brightness than OLED sets, however, they aren't able to achieve true blacks at a pixel-level. 

Meanwhile, QLED, despite being at the forefront of TV technology, is actually just a tweaked version of LED-LCD tech that employs a quantum dot filter to bring increased colour volume and brightness to whatever you're watching. That means incredibly vibrant images all round. 

2. Smart functionality (OS)

Modern televisions all run on smart TV platforms, and for the most part, the operating system you end up with will depend entirely on your chosen manufacturer. 

Sony and TCL televisions favour the Android TV platform, which offers access to thousands of apps on the Google Play store. That means video games, video apps like VLC, ROM emulators... you name it. 

LG has its own webOS platform which is built around remote pointer navigation, while Samsung's Smart Hub OS is based on Tizen and uses a pop-up menu that lets you cycle through options while your content plays in the background. Hisense also has its own smart TV platform in VIDAA U, which lets users cycle through a ribbon of apps and functions on their home screen. Though all three are quite fast, they are fairly limited in the apps department.

3. HDR10/Dolby Vision support

While resolution has been the key factor for many when it comes to watching content at the highest quality possible, HDR or high-dynamic-range is equally important.

HDR brings a wider colour gamut to your content, allowing for more intense and lifelike colours, as well as improved contrast and colour gradations. 

Making matters somewhat confusing for consumers, there are competing HDR formats in HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, which both offer their own take on dynamic metadata that aims to adjust your colour and contrast on a scene-by-scene basis. 

You can find out more about each HDR format below.