Best iPhone 12 mini plans in Australia (March 2023)

iPhone 12 Mini deals
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As both the cheapest and smallest of the iPhone 12 family, the iPhone 12 mini stands out from the rest. But since the iPhone 12 mini was released back in 2020, should you still buy this device? We’re leaning towards no.

Apple has officially discontinued the 12 mini since the launch of the iPhone 14 range, and it’s no longer available to buy directly from Apple. Availability has also dried up at Optus and Vodafone’s online stores, though Telstra has limited stock of the iPhone 12 mini if you really want it.

While we’ve recommended the best available iPhone 12 mini plan on this page, we strongly suggest you look for a cheaper alternative, such as the iPhone SE (2022). One of the best iPhone SE plans will cost you just AU$74.95 a month at Vodafone (opens in new tab), which is significantly cheaper than the AU$99.62 a month you’d pay for the iPhone 12 mini at Telstra (opens in new tab). Unfortunately opting for an iPhone 13 mini plan is no better, only Telstra is stocking it and prices start at AU$123.37 a month.

Best iPhone 12 mini plans: our picks

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 mini is considerably smaller than the regular iPhone 12. (Image credit: Apple)

Best overall iPhone 12 mini plan

iPhone 12 mini (64GB) (opens in new tab)

iPhone 12 mini (64GB) | 40GB data | 24 months | AU$99.62p/m (opens in new tab)

Both Optus and Vodafone have sold out of the iPhone 12 mini on their online stores, but Telstra still has it if you want to pick up this device on a plan. If you’re buying through Telstra, your most affordable option is to pair the 12 mini with the AU$58 Basic plan (opens in new tab), which will set you up with 40GB of data for AU$99.62 a month, including handset repayments. We don’t think this plan is particularly good value, so we recommend checking out the iPhone SE on a plan instead.

Total cost over 24 months is AU$2,390.88

Are there any cheap iPhone 12 mini plans?

There aren’t any iPhone 12 mini plans that we would consider to be cheap. This is largely because Telstra is the only major telco still stocking the iPhone 12 mini online, and Telstra’s mobile plans are quite pricey. The iPhone 13 mini is also dwindling in availability, so we recommend checking out some of the best iPhone SE plans instead. For comparison, the most affordable option for getting the iPhone 12 mini on a plan starts at AU$99.62 a month (opens in new tab), while you can get the newer iPhone SE on a plan for AU$74.95 each billing (opens in new tab) with Vodafone.

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Outright iPhone 12 mini deals

If you have the means to buy the 12 mini upfront, buying the phone outright might just be one of the cheapest ways to get it. At launch, the iPhone 12 mini cost AU$1,199 for the 64GB model. But now that the iPhone 13 range has been revealed, Apple has officially lowered the price of the 64GB version to AU$999.

You’ll now pay AU$1,079 if you want the 128GB version, or AU$1,249 for the 256GB model. All models are now AU$200 cheaper than their launch price.

It’s available in black, white, blue, green, red and a brand-new purple colour option. Purchasing any of the new iPhone 12s will also let you redeem one year of Apple TV Plus for free (opens in new tab).

Despite being the cheapest of the four iPhone 12 handsets, that’s still pricey. With that in mind, investing in a cheap SIM-only deal can help you with the overall cost.

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iPhone 12 mini review

iPhone 12 mini

Apple takes a different tack with the iPhone 12 mini, delivering a 5G-ready handset with a pint-sized screen. (Image credit: Apple)

iPhone 12 mini review in brief

Small and 5G ready


Screen size: 5.4-inches
Resolution: 2340 x 1080
Rear camera: 12MP + 12MP
OS: iOS 14
Storage: 64GB / 128GB / 256GB
Battery: 2,227mAh
Weight: 133g

Reasons to buy

New improved processor
High-end camera

Reasons to avoid

Might be too small for some

In a world where smartphones keep getting bigger, the iPhone 12 mini is unique. It sits at just 5.4-inches, but uses the same high-end Super Retina display as the rest of the iPhone 12 family.

Despite its size and lower price tag, the iPhone 12 mini is still able to offer 5G capability, Apple’s new MagSafe feature, the upgraded A14 Bionic chip and even the Dolby Vision technology found in the rest of the iPhone 12 range and nowhere else.

For those who like small phones, this is likely going to be the best choice out there for you.

Read our full iPhone 12 mini review

iPhone 12 mini FAQ

Is the iPhone 12 mini the best value of the four new iPhones?

It’s the cheapest of the four, but whether you consider it good value really depends on what you’re looking for. The iPhone 12 mini is the most affordable because of its petite sizing, and therefore smaller battery, that means it has the worst battery life of the bunch. 

The other largest omission is the camera setup, as the mini lacks the telephoto lens found on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, it still has 5G, the same high-powered processor and the same camera array as the iPhone 12.

Other than a smaller body and battery, the 12 mini has basically every feature the iPhone 12 has. With this in mind, if you like small devices then yes, this will easily be the best value of the four new iPhone 12 devices. If you find small phones a bit fiddly, consider the iPhone 12 instead.

Is the iPhone 12 mini the best-value small phone?

It depends on how much you need from a phone. Yes, the iPhone 12 mini is small, and very likely the best phone of its size. However, its impressive spec sheet means it’s also probably the most expensive small phone on the market.

The mini’s value lies in squeezing a top-notch spec sheet into a small package, and it’ll likely appeal to those who don’t like larger handsets. Or those who like the iPhone 12 range, but don’t want to spend too much on it.

Despite their size, if you compare the mini and the iPhone SE, they don’t have much in common. Those who are looking to spend less will find the SE is much better value.

What accessories come with the iPhone 12 mini?

Apple’s boxes are a lot lighter than they used to be. That’s because Apple has removed the charging block and the headphones that would normally come in the box, starting with the iPhone 12 range.

This means inside the box you’ll get the phone, the charging cable and the instructions. Apple has stated the move was due to environmental concerns, and it hopes this will help reduce its carbon footprint.

If this is your first iPhone, or you don’t have any charging blocks lying around, you’ll have to buy one separately. The same goes for headphones if you need a new pair.

Does the iPhone 12 mini have the same specs as the other iPhone 12 devices?

Yes... and no. It depends on which other handset from the iPhone 12 family you’re comparing it to. For the most part, the iPhone 12 mini shares the same specs as the iPhone 12. It has the same 5G connectivity, the same camera setup, MagSafe features and a tough glass back.

However, it has the smallest screen and battery life of the lot, the lowest pixel density on the screen, and compared to the Pro and Pro Max, one less camera lens.

All four of the iPhone 12 devices have a lot in common, sharing most of the same specs overall.

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