Cyber Monday Apple deals 2023 in Australia: great savings still available on MacBooks, iPads and Apple Watches

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Whether you want to score the latest iPhone or upgrade from your old MacBook, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are a great opportunity to nab a deal across a wide range of Apple products. 

It’s usually quite rare to find really deep discounts on anything from Apple from any retailer, even during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you can typically find a saving on iPhones, AirPods and even MacBooks during the November sale.

While Apple isn't offering any discounts directly, you can get a gift card valued at up to AU$320 on eligible purchases. For actual discounts, you'll have to turn to the authorised retailers who stock Apple products. The usual suspects are Amazon, JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Mwave and several more. 

The only Apple products that we never see discounted here in Australia are the HomePods – sadly the big brand's smart speakers are always full price. And most of the good AirPods deals are also gone. Everything else is up for grabs at discounted prices of one flavour or another.

So, ready to find some Apple devices on sale this November? Scroll down to check out the best offers and where to find the deals once they drop.

Today's best Apple sales

Best Apple Cyber Monday deals

iPhone deals

Apple iPhone 12 (128GB) | AU$1,079 AU$977 at Amazon

Apple iPhone 12 (128GB) | AU$1,079 AU$977 at Amazon (save AU$82)

It's rare to get a new iPhone for under AU$1,000, but if you're willing to settle for one that's a few generations behind, this Black Friday deal will get you the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 in black with 128GB of storage. Amazon also has the 64GB version in a variety of colours for AU$897, but honestly, we reckon it's worth spending the little bit extra to double your storage. If you're worried about longevity, Apple usually supports its iPhones with about 5 years of OS updates, so this should be good through at least 2025.

Apple iPhone 12 mini (256GB) | AU$1,249 AU$999 at Amazon

Apple iPhone 12 mini (256GB) | AU$1,249 AU$999 at Amazon (save AU$250)

One of the cheapest iPhones available at Amazon, the 12 mini is an older model (released 3 years ago) but Apple generally supports its phones with at least 5 years of OS upgrades, so this one should be covered through to the end of 2025. This is a genuinely compact handset with a 5.4-inch display, and despite its age, it's hardware is still speedy enough to run iOS smoothly. This AU$250 discount's on the mint green colour with 256GB of storage.

iPhone 15 (128GB)AU$1,499AU$1,299 + cost of phone plan

iPhone 15 (128GB) | AU$1,499 AU$1,299 + cost of phone plan (save AU$200)

If you want the latest iPhone, you can snag AU$200 off the iPhone 15 at Amaysim, provided you also pair it with an Amaysim plan for at least 28 days. To get this deal, you can sign up for a 28-day prepaid SIM or a long expiry plan, but the cheapest option is a prepaid SIM for AU$30 – that means you can get the iPhone 15 for a total of AU$1,329 at minimum. Currently available in all colours.

iPhone 14 (256GB)AU$1,499AU$1,299 + cost of phone plan at Amaysim

iPhone 14 (256GB) | AU$1,499 AU$1,299 + cost of phone plan at Amaysim (save AU$200)

Don't mind the previous generation of iPhones? The iPhone 14 has nabbed a saving of AU$200 off so long as you pair it with an Amaysim plan for at least 28 days. You can sign up for either a 28-day prepaid SIM or a long expiry plan, but if you get a prepaid SIM for AU$30, that's the best deal, bringing the phone to AU$1,329 when combined. The 128GB storage model has come back in stock so you can also get it from AU$1,099 in purple, red, white and black before the additional cost of a phone plan.

Apple iPhone 13 (512GB) |AU$1,649 from AU$1,395.80 on Amazon

Apple iPhone 13 (512GB) | AU$1,649 from AU$1,395.80 on Amazon (save up to AU$253.20)

There was 25% off on the standard iPhone 13 handset during October's second Prime Day sale, but that price on Amazon has gone up a smidge. The Product Red is now down to AU$1,395.80, but you can also get the blue or midnight colours for a few dollars more. This is one of the best offers we've seen on an Apple product, so we're not quite sure this price will be bettered.

iPhone 11 (64GB)AU$679AU$479 on Amaysim + cost of phone plan

iPhone 11 (64GB) | AU$679 AU$479 on Amaysim + cost of phone plan (save AU$200)

Aussie ISP Amaysim has a great deal on the iPhone 11 – you can pick up this handset for just AU$479, but you will need to pair it with either a 28-day prepaid SIM or a long expiry plan. Still, with Amaysim’s cheapest prepaid coming in at AU$30, the absolute minimum you’ll have to pay is AU$509.

Mac deals

Apple 2021 iMac 24-inch | M1 / 8GB / 256GB |AU$1,099AU$1,799 on Amazon

Apple 2021 iMac 24-inch | M1 / 8GB / 256GB | AU$1,099 AU$1,799 on Amazon (save AU$200)

It might be getting a little long in the tooth, but if you've been holding off for an iMac at a lower price, there's 10% off on the 24-inch Apple PC from 2021, in silver or green. That means it's powered by the M1 chip, which despite the M3 now out, is still very powerful. If that suits you, you save a little on the 256GB option, but stock is very limited, and this price is only available on the pink one.

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch  M2 / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD AU$1,799AU$1,619 at The Good Guys

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch | M2 / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD | AU$1,799 AU$1,619 at The Good Guys (save AU$180)

We consider the 13-inch Apple MacBook Air as the best laptop money can buy right now, and it’s even better when it nabs a AU$180 discount. Packing in the Apple M2 chip that performs inline with what you’d get out of Intel’s i7-1260P CPUs, this slim laptop also features a stunning 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display, 2 USB-C ports and up to 19 hours of battery life.

Apple Mac mini M2 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD AU$1,999AU$1,799 at The Good Guys

Apple Mac mini M2 | 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD | AU$1,999 AU$1,799 at The Good Guys (save AU$200)

Prefer to pick up a desktop from Apple? The Apple Mac mini is a compact desktop that still packs in a punch. Coming with the M2 chip, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, this PC is great to squeeze onto a desk, you’ll just need to pair it with a monitor, keyboard and mouse of your choice. Thankfully, this AU$200 discount on this pricey PC can go a long way towards kitting out your office setup as well.

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (2020)M1 / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSDAU$1,499AU$1,246 on Amazon

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (2020) | M1 / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD | AU$1,499 AU$1,246 on Amazon (save AU$253)

This lovely little laptop was down to AU$1,197 during the Black Friday weekend, but that offer has since increased, with only a AU$253 saving to be had now. It's still a good 17% discount on the 13-inch MacBook Air from 2020 if you're looking for a relatively affordable Apple laptop with some decent oomph under the hood.

AirPods deals

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) | AU$219AU$158 at Amazon

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) | AU$219 AU$158 at Amazon (save AU$61)

This seems to be the best deal on the AirPods 2, and we're not sure it will get better than this. So if you're after a set of AirPods, grab these before the offer is gone.

They can also be had for AU$159 from JB Hi-Fi.

iPad deals

2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro (M1, Wi-Fi, 2TB) |AU$2,849AU$2,114 on Amazon

2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro (M1, Wi-Fi, 2TB) | AU$2,849 AU$2,114 on Amazon (save AU$735)

It's incredibly rare to see a 26% discount on an iPad... or any Apple product, really, so if you have the change to spare, this 11-inch, M1-powered slate could double up as your laptop if you get yourself a keyboard folio for it. It could be argued that its double use is value for money at this price. Plenty of storage, a beautiful screen, great cameras plus a Lidar scanner, there's a lot you're getting for your money.

2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro (M1, Wi-Fi+Cellular, 1TB) |AU$2,499AU$1,999.20 on Amazon

2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro (M1, Wi-Fi+Cellular, 1TB) | AU$2,499 AU$1,999.20 on Amazon (save AU$499.80)

The 2TB model listed above might be overkill for most users, but 1TB could be useful to many. So it's good news that there's 20% off the asking price on Amazon right now. Note that this is the LTE version, so you can have it connected to a mobile network, which is handy if you will be using it for work. The offer is also only on the Silver colourway.

2022 Apple iPad 10.9 (Wi-Fi, 64GB) |AU$749AU$647 on Amazon

2022 Apple iPad 10.9 (Wi-Fi, 64GB) | AU$749 AU$647 on Amazon (save AU$102)

Looking for an iPad with some good value? There's a little over AU$100 off on the 2022 (10th gen) Apple iPad 10.2-inch base model with just Wi-Fi connectivity and 64GB storage. It's available in some fun colours, all at the same 14% discount on Amazon. We don't think this offer will last long, so don't dally on this one.

The Wi-Fi+Cellular 64GB option also gets 10% off its RRP, down to AU$898 from AU$999.

Apple 10.2-inch iPad (2021) | A13 / Wi-Fi / 256GB | AU$799AU$699 at JB Hi-Fi

Apple 10.2-inch iPad (2021) | A13 / Wi-Fi / 256GB | AU$799 AU$699 at JB Hi-Fi (save AU$100)

While it's not uncommon to see discounts on the 64GB version of Apple's 9th-generation 10.2-inch iPad, 256GB deals are definitely rarer – and at the moment JB Hi-Fi has dropped the price to AU$699. We did previously see Mwave discount the price further to a record low of AU$599, but we'll still take a AU$100 discount. 

The 10.2-inch Retina display will suit most people for watching movies or general web surfing, and while Apple's new M silicon powers the latest range of iPads, the A13 Bionic is still no slouch. This is still a very capable tablet, despite being a couple of years old.

Apple Watch deals

2022 Apple Watch SE (40mm, GPS) |AU$399AU$348 on Amazon

2022 Apple Watch SE (40mm, GPS) | AU$399 AU$348 on Amazon (save AU$51)

A couple of dollars more expensive that the record-low price we saw on Black Friday itself, this AU$51 saving still represents great value in our opinion. While the Apple Watch SE isn't as full-featured as the Apple Watch 8 or 9, it still packs a fast processor, plus great health and fitness features. Note that this price is only on the 40mm GPS version in the Midnight/Aluminium colourway and the  Starlight colourway. The Silver chassis is AU$1 more at AU$349.

2022 Apple Watch SE (40mm, GPS+Cellular) |AU$479AU$429 on Amazon

2022 Apple Watch SE (40mm, GPS+Cellular) | AU$479 AU$429 on Amazon (save AU$50)

If you want to use the best-value Apple Watch without the paired iPhone, you will need the LTE version, which gets AU$50 shaved off its asking price on Amazon in all three colourways in the 40mm chassis size. You will need to get it connected on a plan by your chosen telco, which will cost you extra each month.

If you want a bigger screen, the 44mm Apple Watch SE 2 with Cellular connectivity gets 9% off, down to AU$479 from AU$529.

How to find Apple Black Friday deals

Apple rarely ever discounts its own devices, particularly not its latest and greatest gadgets, like the MacBook Air 15-inch (M2, 2023) and MacBook Pro 14-inch (2023). You're also not going to see any discounts on the iPhone 15 family either. 

If shopping directly from Apple during Black Friday, you're likely to receive gift cards rather than discounts. So if it's money you'd like to save on your Apple purchase, your best bet is to check Amazon Australia or another major retailer. Given the high demand for Apple products, however, there's always the likelihood that the best deals sell out quickly, particularly on Amazon, so it's important to act fast if you happen to spot a great bargain that works for you.

What Apple Black Friday deals can you expect?

Apple's premium products are in high demand year round, so it's no surprise that Black Friday deals opportunities for these gadgets were some of those most highly anticipated by consumers. This year, we saw discounts on a variety of its products, with few exceptions.

The newest iPhone models, namely the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 PlusiPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max smartphones won't see discounts at any retailers. And if they do, it will likely be on Amazon, with only about 5% to 7% off select storage options and colourways.

If there's enough stock, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 families are likely to see some good discounts. Considering we already saw a 25% discount during's October's Prime Big Deal Days sale, it's highly likely we'll see more of the same, if not better.

You are guaranteed to see good price drops on the AirPods, including the newest AirPods Pro 2, although the discounts on the AirPods Max over-ear cans aren't usually too big.

The rest of Apple's fleet, including Apple Watches, MacBooks and iPads will also see discounts, but they usually average at 10% to 15% off. Older Apple Watch models, particularly Series 7 and 8 will see good price drops in November now that the Apple Watch 9 is on shelves, plus expect to see at least 10% off last year's Apple Watch Ultra.

While you likely won't be able to score discounts on the latest MacBooks or iPads, the models from 2021 and 2022 will see small price drops too. 

Should you wait for a Black Friday Apple deals?

Retailers like Amazon typically offer the best discounts on Apple devices during Black Friday, which is why Black Friday AirPods deals and Black Friday Apple Watch deals are always best-sellers during the November sale. You'll also find the best Black Friday Apple deals on Apple's most recently released devices, like the AirPods Pro 2 and the Apple Watch 9. The only caveat to waiting for Black Friday to score a discount on the most sought-after Apple devices is the risk of the item selling out, which has happened at past Black Friday sales.

Our advice is if you want a specific Apple product, make sure to check back with our Black Friday Apple deals guide, which will be updated with all the latest sales, and if you spot a new record-low price on an item you want, you should add to cart and check out before it's too late.

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