40 best Android Wear smartwatch apps 2015

The apps your Android wearable deserves, from games to work, home and travel

Best Android Wear App

At Google I/O 2015, it was revealed that there are now more than 4,000 Android Wear apps. This only makes the Android Wear cult more powerful in many respects.

The number of new devices has grown in recent months, with the likes of the Huawei Watch, Tag Heuer Connected and Motorola's new Moto 360 continue to fly the flag for Google's wearable OS.

With Android Wear's May update now out across compatible devices, it's become a force to be reckoned with compared to the Apple Watch running the recently updated watchOS 2.

There are hundreds of apps available for the Android Wear OS to choose from, and some are decidedly lackluster. To help you avoid the real junk, we've picked 40 of our favorites, in no particular order …


Duolingo Android Wear app


Another of Google's picks for best apps of 2014, Duolingo on Android Wear lets you learn another language on the go, for free. You basically earn achievements by answering linguistic conundrums correctly in fun, bite-size lessons. The Android Wear application keeps it simple, displaying flashcards for you to have a go at when you're, say, on the bus. Take enough bus rides and one day you'll realise you're fluent in French.


Trip Advisor


One app we can imagine being useful for just about every Wear owner is TripAdvisor. Just like the mobile app, it lets you search for nearby restaurants, attractions and hotels. Sure it cuts down the phone app experience a bit, but still lets you flick through 25 entries for each of those categories, and even check out the scores and summaries for a whole bunch of reviews for each place. Like all the best Wear apps, it doesn't feel like it chucks you out to the mobile phone app as soon as you try to do anything a bit more involved.

You really can make decisions right from TripAdvisor Wear edition. You'll need your phone to navigate to them, though.




Taking the fiddliness out of using Google Maps for directions from your Wear watch, CityMapper is a great pick. It lets you navigate straight to the Home and Work locations you've already specified in the mobile app, not to mention track any more complicated journeys already planned out in the app. It means no more having to pull your phone out every 20ft just to check you've not missed a turn off. It'll also make you look much less like a tourist when you're trundling around the streets of a big city.

InstaWeather for Android Wear



Choose from multiple attractive weather faces, satellite view (visible and infrared) and have 24-hour forecasts a wrist lift away. Receive notifications if a shower's heading your way, with distance details included. There's also the option to run in low power mode so your obsession with meteorology doesn't drain your battery.


Best Android Wear Apps Tinder


You know the deal: swipe right to like, left to pass, like a horny modern day Roman Emperor. But what you might not know is that the phenomenon that is Tinder and Android Wear is a match made in heaven. Just say "Start Tinder" to start swiping, send messages and view profiles all from the privacy of your wrist.