The best Australian tech deals for August 2017

It's all about sound this Friday, so get your groove on this weekend and save plenty on some of  the best noise-cancelling headphones available today. If you don't want to keep your tunes to yourself, share them over a Harman Kardon Bluetooth speaker or a Sony soundbar.

Here are Friday's deals:

New deals added Friday, August 18

Harman Kardon Aura Studio wireless speaker ($298, usually $399): This ingeniously designed speaker looks more like a work of art than something to play your favourite tunes on. Yet the Aura Studio from Harman/Kardon also promises big sound, thanks to its six 1.5-inch high to mid-range transducers and a 4.5-inch subwoofer. Enjoy 360-degree sound with Bluetooth, AirPlay or DLNA playback and save over $100 when shopping at JB Hi-Fi. The Harman Kardon Aura Studio is currently on sale for just $298, down from its usual $399, until August 23.

Bose QuietComfort 35 noise-cancelling over-ear headphones ($357.60; usually $499): Bose have been leading the way with premium audio for quite some time now, and with the QuietComfort series they’ve done well to bring that high fidelity to the wireless headphone market. With top-notch noise cancellation, a 20-hour battery life, and luxurious padding, the QC35 over-ear headphones will make your listening experience a pleasant one. By applying the code PTECH20 at checkout, you can grab a pair of QC35s for a low $357.60 from eBay in either black or silver until August 21.

Bose QuietControl 30 noise-cancelling wireless headphones ($314.40; usually $449): For a pair of in-ear headphones, the QC 30 has a level of noise cancellation that matches any of Bose’s over-ear cans, and that’s very impressive given its size. In fact, the level of noise cancellation can be adjusted to suit your environment via the in-line remote. But the effective noise-cancelling comes at the cost of sound quality. But if you’re not an audio connoisseur, these are still a pretty good set of headphones to get, especially for those who don’t particularly enjoy the feel of cans on their ears. The QC30 headphones are available for just $314.40 on eBay by using the code PTECH20 at checkout until August 21. That’s a huge saving of over $134.

Bose QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling over-ear headphones ($277.60; usually $399): If you’re after the Bose quality without the price tag of some of their higher-tier models, or just simply don’t mind having wires, the QC25 may be for you. We gave them a full five stars when we reviewed them, praising their stunning noise-cancellation, full sound, and their ability to operate without a battery. Using the code PTECH20 at checkout, the QC25 headphones are only $277.60 when you shop on eBay, saving you $121 off the retail price of $399. This offer ends August 21.

Bose QuietComfort 20 noise-cancelling headphones (from $256; usually $369): For a pair of tethered in-ear headphones that cost you $369, you’d expect only the best from Bose, and the QC 20 does not disappoint. If you have the spare change and want incredible noise-cancelling combined with comfort and amazing sound quality, you really ought to get the QuietComfort 20. You can even save some dosh on these amazing headphones by heading to eBay and getting them for 20% off by using the code PTECH20 at checkout. The Android version of the QC20 in white is available for $256, while you can get the iOS version in black for $278.40. This offer ends August 21.

With 350W of power output and 4K compatibility, give your audio-visual entertainment a massive boost with Sony’s 2.1ch soundbar. There’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well, and $200 to be saved as well. The CT800 soundbar is on sale for just $499, down from $699.

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Previous days' deals that are still available

Deals added Wednesday, August 16

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370 ($1,599; usually $1,999): This 13.3-inch convertible from Lenovo promises all-day battery, giving you the freedom to work anywhere and at any time. It features a Full HD display, a Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. Better yet, there’s $400 to be saved on this neatly designed device. Head over to Lenovo’s website and grab the ThinkPad Yoga 370 for just $1,599, down from $1,999.

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speaker ($330.40; usually $425): Radiate the love of your favourite tunes everywhere with this 360-degree Bluetooth speaker from Bose, which promises excellent sound quality. It also features Siri and Google voice commands, is water resistant and very portable. It retails for $439, but this premium speaker can be yours for just $330.40, as long as you use the code PTECH20 at checkout when buying it off eBay until August 21, saving you about $109.

LG 55-inch OLED55C7T smart TV ($2,780; usually $3,475): Been dreaming of getting yourself an OLED TV but have so far been thrown off by the cost? Well, owning a brand-new TV that displays the blackest blacks and the most vivid colours doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. LG’s 55-inch C7 Series telly can be yours for 20% off its listed price on eBay. All you have to do is use the code PTECH20 at checkout when shopping online at VideoPro’s eBay store and the OLED TV will cost you just $2,780, saving you $695 on the $3,475 price tag.

Deals added Monday, August 14

Huawei P9 32GB ($459, down from $818): Even though Huawei’s released their latest iteration of their flagship, the P10, the P9 from last year is still a more than capable smartphone. We particularly enjoyed the Leica-powered dual cameras and the powerful processor, check out our P9 review here. Kogan currently has the 32GB P9 handset for almost half price, knocking it down from $818 to $459.

Canon EOS 80D DSLR with 18-55mm ST Lens ($1,499 down from $1,998): Canon are well renowned for being industry leaders in the DSLR market, and so grabbing one of their premium offerings for cheap doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. The kit comes complete with a 18-55mm lens so you can start using the DSLR straight away and build you lens empire later on down the track. Knock 25% off the RRP of $1,998 and get the 80D at Kogan for $1,499.

Lenovo ThinkPad E570 business laptop ($1,049 down from $1,699): Lenovo’s line of ThinkPad laptops are excellent for everyday use and higher end performance alike. With an impressive 15.6-inch IPS display, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD, this is an ideal laptop for people wanting to display their work and creative projects on a larger screen and have the power to back it up. You can save yourself a massive $650 when you use the eCoupon DEALS shopping at the Lenovo store, bringing the laptop down to $1,049.

Deals added Friday, August 11

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1 laptop (from $1,124; usually from $1,499): If you’re someone who needs to get work done while on the move, consider getting the 13-inch 2-in-1 Dell Inspiron.There’s 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage available, not to mention about 25% off on the RRP. The model powered by an Intel Core i5 CPU is on sale for $1,124, but if you’d like a tad more grunt under the hood, the Intel Core i7 version is available for $1,273.99. That’s down from $1,499 and $1,698.99 respectively. This offer ends Thursday, August 17.

Apple iPhone 7 (from $879, usually from $1,079): There’s still over a month to go before Apple announces its next flagship handsets, but if you want to tote around the current iPhone, the 32GB iPhone 7 in Black, Rose Gold, Silver and Gold is available from Kogan for a sweet $879. That’s a saving of $200 on one of the best premium phones available in the market today. If 32GB isn’t sufficient storage, you do have the option of the 256GB model, available in Silver and Rose Gold only, for just $999. That’s a saving of $380.

Fitbit Blaze smart fitness watch ($198, usually $288): Fitbit has become a household name when it comes to fitness trackers, but this is the company’s first smartwatch. It does everything a great fitness tracker should and then some. It features a colour LCD display, up to five days of battery life and is compatible with most popular fitness apps. It usually retails for $288, but you can save $90 at JB Hi-Fi with the smart fitness watch being on sale for $198.

Beko CN151140DZX 505L bottom-mount fridge ($947, usually $1,447): Featuring Beko’s NeoFrost cooling technology and an odour filter to keep food fresh for longer, this massive 505L refrigerator with the freezer unit at the bottom will keep you family and guests well fed. The Beko fridge can also save you $500, so head to JB Hi-Fi and update your kitchen with a brand-new stainless steel-finish fridge.

Deals added Wednesday, August 7

Ministry of Sound L Plus Bluetooth speaker ($179; usually $525): It might look like a large toaster, but the L Plus wireless Bluetooth speaker from Ministry of Sound – one of the biggest names in audio tech – has great sound to match its big build. It’s not entirely portable, unless you’re willing to tote around a 2.5kg speaker everywhere you go, but the L Plus is great for setting up a multiroom system at home. It usually carries a price tag of about $525, but it’s been discounted down to $179 on Catch’s eBay store (formally Catch of the Day).

Sports headphones sale (from $22.40): If you’re into fitness and love your daily runs or gym visits, you’ll be needing a workout buddy that won’t mind getting a bit of sweat on them. There’s a bunch of in-ear sports headphones available for less than their usual three-figure RRPs on Catch’s eBay store, including headphones from BlueAnt, Jabra and JBL. This offer expires August 14.

Samsung Galaxy S8 ($899; usually $1,199): If you’ve held off getting the latest Samsung flagship smartphone, you were wise to do so, as now you can save a cool $300 on what we consider to be an amazing handset. This 5.8-inch phone has a great display, plenty of grunt under the hood and a fabulous camera. It retails for $1,199, but you can get grey Galaxy S8 for $899 from Kogan. This is a direct import, however, not Aussie stock, so make the purchase if you’re comfortable with that.

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar ($2039.20; usually $2,699): Thinner and with a bit more grunt under the hood than the previous models of the MacBook Pro, the 2016 laptops from Apple pack a punch. And the Touch Bar offers shortcuts to users that can be useful. The 13-inch MacBook Pros with Touch Bar and 256GB of storage retail for $2,699, but head over to Myer’s eBay store and nab one for $2,039.20 by adding the code PICKUP at checkout. That’s over 20% savings on the RRP. But this deal is available until August 14 or until stock runs out, so get a wriggle on!

Deals added Monday, August 7

  • Bose QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling on-ear headphones ($329): With exemplary sound quality and equally excellent ambient noise cancellation, the QC25s will suit the serious or the casual listener, providing a wonderfully immersive experience when watching movies or TV shows, playing games or just listening to tunes. It also carries a premium price tag of $399, but get it from Apollo Hi-Fi for $329 and save $70.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ($699): If you want a smartphone that has an edge over the others (yes, pun intended), then the Galaxy S7 Edge is still one heck of a phone, despite the market being flooded with Samsung’s latest flagship handsets. You don’t, however, have to pay full price for it. Vaya is offering this 32GB Android-toting smartphone for just $699, saving you $386 on the RRP of $1,099 when you buy it outright. So head on over to Vaya’s website and grab the phone the colour of your choice.
  • Sony X9000E 75-inch 4K HDR smart TV ($5,973): If you’ve got the space or the extra pocket change lying around, upgrade your home entertainment system by getting yourself this massive yet ultra-slim 75-inch Sony Bravia smart TV featuring 4K HDR picture quality, 4K UHD upscaling and Android OS. It’s internet-ready, so stream your favourite shows and movies via the native apps or a web browser. Plus you get to save a whopping $2,026 by purchasing it directly from Sony, where the TV is on sale and in stock for just $5,973, down from $7,999.