We'd have thought that most people who watch movies and TV shows on their iPods have probably moved on from carrying about portable DVD players as well. But apparently - judging by its latest product - Polaroid Japan missed that meeting.

The ¥28,000 (£125) DPJ-08580B goes on sale in Japan next week and mashes a standard DVD player into an 8.5-inch 234 x 480-pixel screen and a dock for 5G iPods, all in a single 1.1kg package.

Thoughtful design

When not using it as a DVD player, it can show video from the iPod, which can take orders from the supplied remote control. The dock space doubles up as a storage bay for the remote when the iPod isn't in use, plus there are two headphone jacks, so at least Polaroid put a little thought into the device.

Otherwise, the screen swivels through 180 degrees, a headrest holder is included for clipping the player onto the back of a car seat and the battery stretches to just 150 minutes. At least you don't have to manically wave the thing in the air to see the picture.