Microsoft Wallet announced to take on Apple Passbook and Google Wallet

NFC and digi-coupons ahoy

Microsoft has shown off its new Wallet, designed to replace your actual money-carrying device.

The new service works like a fusion of Apple's new Passbook, shown in iOS 6, and Google's NFC-based Wallet.

The service is pretty simple: it allows you to store your credit or debit cards, loyalty cards and digital coupons in one place.

Straightforward and unexposed

Joe Belfiore, manager of the Windows Phone program at Microsoft, said: "[Microsoft Wallet] can expose data and see your wallet in a straightforward way.

"When you jump into the wallet, there's a notification there when you go in – and you can then launch the app. The UI is lit up with data coming from apps and services, even when another third party app is installed on the phone."

You can push app links through NFC, redeem coupons with a tap, and even supports in-app purchasing.

It has a PIN code secure option for those worried about the OS, although it doesn't have the cool geo-location features Apple has lobbed into its iOS option.

There's no word on when Microsoft Wallet will be available – we assume it will be launched at the same time as Windows Phone 8 in the autumn. Location support hasn't been announced either, so here's hoping it comes to the UK as well as the US.


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