Wikileaks publishes all US cables, uncensored

251,287 cables in a searchable format

Wikileaks has released all the confidential US cables that it has accessed, making the 251,287 documents fully searchable online.

Calling its move 'cablegate', Wikileaks has tweeted the documents in batches organised by country, including Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel, with multiple pleas for Wikileaks' supporters to help source more capacity, donate money and hashtag any "important cable discoveries".

The documents include confidential, secret and classified correspondence within the US government, including the identities of international informants and undercover operatives.

Assange alone

Wikileaks' other previous media partners include the New York Times, El Pais, Der Spiegel and Le Monde. They, along with the Guardian, have released a statement condemning the publishing of the cables:

"We deplore the decision of WikiLeaks to publish the unredacted state department cables, which may put sources at risk.

"Our previous dealings with WikiLeaks were on the clear basis that we would only publish cables which had been subjected to a thorough joint editing and clearance process.

"We will continue to defend our previous collaborative publishing endeavour. We cannot defend the needless publication of the complete data – indeed, we are united in condemning it.

"The decision to publish by Julian Assange was his, and his alone."

From The Guardian, BBC


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