iPhone X pre-order deals are still available – you just need to know where to look

You've probably seen some of the headlines over the weekend: 'iPhone X sells out in minutes' and the like. Considering how heightened anticipation has been for the new iPhone X, it's little surprise to read that the phone is hard to come by.

But despair not... iPhone X pre-order deals are still available, and some retailers are still saying that if you order now you'll get the handset this Friday. That's good to know when you consider that the Apple Store currently states that you'll have to wait five to six weeks if you buy it from there.

We have a list of all the retailers that currently have the iPhone X available to pre-order – whether you're looking for a contract plan or an unlocked SIM-free handset – along with the time period each one is quoting for delivery. Our list includes household names such as Three, EE, O2 and Carphone Warehouse.

And if you still need a bit of a helping hand finding the best iPhone X deal for you, our brief FAQ might just save you some pennies.

Where to buy the iPhone X on contract

Where to buy an unlocked iPhone X SIM-free

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How to get the best iPhone X deal

As you can see, there are still plenty of avenues you can head down to grab an iPhone X in the next few weeks, even if the Apple Store isn't one of them. But making sure you get a bargain is a more difficult task, so read our FAQs to help you get the best deal:

1. What's the most I should pay for the iPhone X?

2. Should I buy from a network or another retailer?

This is quite an easy one – if you want the best prices then you should buy from a retailer such as Carphone Warehouse, Mobiles.co.uk or Mobile Phones Direct. Simply put, they have much better prices than the networks offer directly.

3. Should I consider buying the phone and a SIM only deal separately?

If you've got £1,000 spare to buy an unlocked SIM free iPhone X handset, then you could save yourself a stack of cash in the long run by going down this route. Buy your shiny new Apple iPhone X from one of the retailers above (£999 for the 64GB version, £1,149 for 256GB), then head to our best SIM only deals page to purchase a plan that works best for you.

SIM only deals start for as little as £4 per month, which gets you 500MB of data. But a very reasonable £12 a month from Three gets you a much healthier 12GB of data. If you went with that for two years, you'd end up paying £1,287 overall, which is more than £200 less than the cheapest 10GB contract deal you can currently get.

4. Are there any iPhone X deals I should avoid?

Well this all-you-can-eat £117 per month tariff from Three made headlines for all the wrong reasons over the weekend. That equates to a certifiably insane £2,808 over the two-year life of the contract. The iPhone X gets prohibitively costly if you decide to go for the 256GB model and/or need 30GB+ data every month. If you've got your heart set on the iPhone X, have a long think about how much memory and data you really need, as you can save yourself some big bucks.