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One of the cheapest hybrid watches

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Early Verdict

It's not brimming with new tech, but the Withings Move looks like it may be perfect for those after an affordable hybrid with a vibrant design.


  • Great customization
  • Affordable price


  • No heart rate tracker
  • Plastic casing

Withings is a specialist in the hybrid smartwatch space, and the latest product from the company is one of its most affordable devices yet.

The new Withings Move is important as it's more affordable than any other product in the company's range right now apart from the far cheaper and less premium Withings Go fitness tracker.

While the Move may not be packed full of features, the design seems strong and there's a lot to love about this tracker that may be sitting on your wrist soon. 

Withings Move release date and price 

We don’t currently have an exact release date for the Withings Move, but you can pre-order it from the official website so the hope is you'll be able to buy it relatively soon.  It’s set to cost $69.95 / £59.95 (about AU$110) and we know for certain it’s coming to both the US and UK. 

The Move was announced at CES 2019 alongside the more expensive and feature-rich Withings Move ECG that may also take your fancy as your next wearable.


The Withings Move is a different look compared to what we've seen from the company's products in the past. It has a plastic casing on the top that means it doesn't look as premium as the company's Steel watches, but it doesn't look ugly either.

The casing on the bottom half of the watch is made of metal, and that's what will be touching your wrist.

The most exciting part of the design is how customizable it is. There are over 3,000 combinations of looks that you can make for yourself using a tool on the brand's website. 

It allows you to pick the color of the dial (options include black, white and even coral), case, activity hand and the strap.

Some examples of what you can create with the company's customization tool.

Some examples of what you can create with the company's customization tool.

That activity hand is a small accented hand within the smaller dial on the watch face. This is designed to show you the percentage of how close you are each day to your step count goal.

It's a useful tool at a quick glance, and apart from the time that'll be all you get from looking at the watch face. There's a button on the right hand side of the watch to initiate workouts too, but most control and reading of your daily stats will be done through the app you'll find on your phone.

The Withings Move doesn't feel as premium as the brand's previous products, but it's still a solidly designed smartwatch that looks good on the wrist. You'll especially like this if you like brighter colors and want to add some more personality to the design of your device.

Specs and features

While this isn't going to be the best device to track your workouts, it will be suitable for tracking the workout alongside your daily step count.

Your step count is automatically recorded, while specialist workouts will need to be activated within the app on your phone or by pressing the button on the right of the device.

There's Connected GPS here, so if you do go for a jog with the watch you can use your phone's location tracking tech and pull it through to the app so you'll know where you've traveled. The watch is also capable of swim tracking too.

There's sleep tracking here, so you'll be able to monitor your duration of sleep and how many times you were disturbed during the night. We've enjoyed this tracking on previous Withings products, so we're hoping it works well here and we'll be sure to test it during our full review.

The battery life of the Withings Move is a major selling point as you won't have the replace the battery inside the tracker until around the 18 month mark. That means you can wear this at night without worrying it may run out of battery.

It won't have a charger to keep hold of either, and you can just replace the battery at a later date with another watch battery.

Early verdict

The Move is a step in a different direction for Withings, and while it doesn't have headline grabbing features like the Move ECG it comes with a solidly built design, thousands of customization options and an impressive price.

If you're after a hybrid smartwatch but you're avoiding expensive devices, you may want to head onto the Withings customization tool soon. We'll know for certain when we get the Withings Move in for our full review.

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