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Powertraveller Power Monkey review

An emergency power supply for when you're out and about

Our Verdict

It's versatile and does its job well


  • A variety of adapters and connectors


  • It has to be charged itself

If you've ever been out and about and the battery on your mobile phone, PDA or MP3 player has died, you'll know how frustrating it can be.

The Power Monkey is an emergency charger small enough to carry around with you and act as a quick top-up. You'll need to charge it before you set off, but it comes with a variety of adapters so you can use it in 150 countries around the world.

It also comes with a host of different device connectors, ranging from the Sony PSP, Apple iPod and BlackBerry, through to most standard phones. You can even charge most mini-USB based devices, including Bluetooth headsets.

It's a great tool that really works and, while you have to ask yourself why you remembered to charge the monkey and not your phone, it'll help prolong your mobile device's battery life on even the longest of journeys.