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Powertraveller Motormonkey review

A handy but limited way to charge your gadgets on the go

Powertraveller Motormonkey
A decent product for people on the move who need to charge a wide range of peripherals

Our Verdict

Good at what it does, but doesn't do all it promises


  • Nice design
  • Very handy


  • Doesn't do all it promises
  • Needs additional adapters for some iPods

The Powertraveller Motormonkey in-car charger turns your in-car lighter socket into a USB port.

Using the USB cable and adaptor tips you can charge a range of mobile phones, as well as iPods and iPhones, by plugging in your iPod's white dock connector lead (there isn't one supplied in the box).

Trouble is, attempts to charge our iPods proved unsuccessful. We managed to charge the new shuffle and an original iPhone, but the latest iPod nano, touch and new iPhone 3G require an additional adaptor, not in the box.