Cowon iAudio 7

Well designed, compact and a decent music player

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Our Verdict

An impressive and capable MP3 player


  • Good sound
  • Stylish and easy to use


  • Picture quality only average

This 4GB flash media player's a doozie. Like most devices of its size, it's not so hot for video - tiny screens and tinier processors maketh not for a compelling viewing experience - but as a picture viewer and MP3 player, it's a cracker.

Sound quality's excellent right off the bat, even with the bundled headphones, although audiophiles will want to upgrade these quick-smartish.

It features a built-in FM radio, from which you can record your fave shows, and the thumb-slider is amazingly usable. A refreshingly neat player, and as a desirable gadget, it's a suitable iPod rival.