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The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S7 unlocked SIM-free prices in 2019

Samsung Galaxy S7 Fact File

Release date: March 2016
Launch price: $750 / £569 / AU$900
Platform: Android 7
Storage: 32GB
Camera: 12MP / 5MP
Screen: 5.1-inch 1440 x 2560
Battery: 3000mAh
Colours: Black, White, Gold, Silver, Pink Gold
TechRadar rating:  ★★★★★
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One of our former favourite phone in the world, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still an excellent handset two years after its launch, offering up a premium design, fantastic QHD display, stellar camera and strong battery life.

In fact, for those looking for something a little more manageable in the hand, the Galaxy S7 could still be the best Samsung phone out there thanks to its 5.1-inch display allowing it to sit ever so comfortably in the hand.

It remains a powerful smartphone and since the arrival of the Samung Galaxy S8, the newer Samsung Galaxy S9 and the even newer still, Samsung Galaxy S10, there are some excellent SIM-free Galaxy S7 deals to be had.

And we've done the hard yards to unearth the best prices on unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 handsets, trawling major retailers such as Amazon and eBay to make sure that you don't end up paying over the odds.

Chances are that you're probably looking for a new SIM-free phone deal to replace a lost or stolen phone. But perhaps you're looking to save a little cash by combining a bargain Samsung Galaxy S7 with a cheap SIM only deal. You can buy a new SIM for a tiny monthly sum, so combining the two could save you a packet on a standard contract deal. Plus, you can go for a 12-month or even 30-day plan rather than committing to two years.

Today's cheapest Samsung Galaxy S7 unlocked / SIM free prices: