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Logitec transforms iPod into alarm clock

Logitec Japan's Dialive looks more of a joke than a real product.

No, it's not a late April-fool joke - the iPod/alarm clock combination you see above is a real product, announced today in Japan by Logitec , with speakers cunningly disguised as bells.

The Dialive will be available in the middle of this month in either black or white for around ¥8,000 (£34), adding bells and a snooze button to any full-size iPod from 4G on or either model of nano. There's a refreshingly low-tech plastic dial on the back that adjusts the size of the dock connector.

As for the specs, the snooze button adds nine minutes to your kip, the speakers output 6W total, there's a dinky little volume control on the back and the Dialive even charges the player via a mains connection.