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Lomography launches Smart Phone Holder

Lomography Smart Phone Holder
Use your smart phone to digitse your Lomo movies

The Lomographic Society is launching a new device that works with the LomoKino, an analogue movie camera that uses 35mm film.

Despite the in-your-face design, the LomoKino Smart Phone Holder is just a simple accessory that does exactly what the name suggests. It attaches to the LomoKinoScope (a gadget that lets you watch movies shot on the LomoKino camera) and keeps your smartphone in place so that you can digitise the movies brought to life as you turn the crank handle on the 'Scope.

"This way you can share your LomoMovies super easily and also carry them with you on your phone wherever you go," Lomography says.

Priced at £19.90 on the Lomography store the Lomokino Smart Phone Holder isn't exactly cheap, and there are arguably even more basic solutions out there if you want to go truly lo-fi (such as just using your hands to hold your phone in place…)

The Smartphone Holder can also be used as a 'scanner' (or rather 'scanner holder'), enabling you to copy individual frames from colour negative film put through the LomoKinoScope and convert them in imaging software on your computer. The results are likely to be rough and ready – just what lomography enthusiasts are looking for.