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YotaPhone exec just pulled a really strange move

YotaPhone 2
YotaPhone 2

The YotaPhone 2 – that phone with an e-ink display on the back – hasn't even been released properly in the US yet, but the company's execs are already teasing what's next.

Managing Director for the US at YotaPhone, Matthew Kelly, told TechnoBuffalo, "We have a next-generation product lined up. We can't sell our next generation until we sell our current one. Carriers are interested, but a lot hinges on how well the YotaPhone 2 does."

He confirmed the YotaPhone 3 will come with a faster processor, sharper display, a better e-ink display as well as more RAM, a powerful camera and a thinner design.

Whole Yota Love

Kelly also confirmed there will be a YotaPhone 2c with a cheaper price tag but couldn't confirm any specs just yet.

Kelly said, "We pumped a lot of premium specs into YotaPhone 2, but based on market feedback, a lot of people said they could do without certain features. So YotaPhone 2c is in the works if people want it."

In terms of a release date it seems to be quite a long wait - we're going to have to see how the YotaPhone 2 does before any of this is certain.