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Iranians filter out 'immoral' MMS messages

MMS users beware: pictures like this could get you in trouble with Iranian authorities

If you live in Iran , you could soon find that your multimedia phone messages are being filtered out if they are deemed to be 'immoral'. The Iran government is to begin filtering so-called immoral multimedia messages sent by mobile phones within the country.

What constitutes an immoral message is not exactly clear. But the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution has instructed the Iranian Telecommunications Ministry to buy all the gear it needs to ensure that people in the Muslim country are not misusing their phones.

Confused definitions

"In order to prevent possible misuse of MMS, immoral actions and social problems, the Telecommunications Ministry will filter immoral MMS," state television reported over the weekend.

It is not immediately clear how it would be possible to program an automatic system to decide whether an image or a video is 'immoral' or not.