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Cost of international texts slashed

The text service reduces the cost of international texting

Sending text messages to numbers abroad is getting cheaper, with a new service, .

Rather than using regular text messaging, charged at UK operators' normal high rates for sending abroad, uses a downloadable text application that sits on your phone. The service sends texts via GPRS via the downloadable Java application.

In this way, texts abroad cost around 10p rather than the normal average charge from operators of around 35p per text abroad. users can simply select their regular contact numbers when texting - there's no need for additional codes required.The person receiving a text sent using doesn't need any software to get it, and views message in exactly the same way.

In addition, users can send picture, email and instant messaging to each other free of charge.

Users who register on can try the service with a couple of texts before they sign up to cheap international text packages. These cost £5 for 50 international texts. Users can also receive bonus credits for referring new users to