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Parrot adds iPod kit to Bluetooth car range

Parrot MKi series
Parrot's MKi9000 series of bluetooth car kits are designed to get on with your iPods

Parrot has added three new call kits to its Bluetooth car range. The MKi9000 series comprises the top-end £190 MKi9200, the £150 MKi9100, and £130 MKi9000. All three are iPod and iPhone friendly.

While the entry-level model forgoes a screen, the 9100 offers a 2-line blue OLED variety, and the relatively swanky 9200 uses a 2.4-inch colour LCD, the inclusion of which will be like having your very own ambassador's reception in your motor. No such class distinctions on the voice dialling front though with all three models well capable.

The 9100 displays phone status, phonebook and small playlist, while the 9200 adds wallpaper of your own design, caller picture ID, full playlist and throws in some LP covers for the aesthetes among you who remember them.